“Your computer gypped me out of $80 this week,” the worker complained to the boss. “I’ll look into it,” the boss promised. A day later the boss said to the worker, “You’re right. Our computer did cheat you out of $80 this week. But that same computer gave you $80 too much the week before last. Isn’t that true?” “Yes,” admitted the worker. “You didn’t complain to me at that time, did you?” the boss asked. “No,” replied the worker. “Why not?” pressed the boss. “Well,” said the worker, “One mistake I can forgive, but not two!

That particular worker is the goat of this little saga, but a lot of true words are spoken through false teeth. Indeed, many times one mistake doesn’t make much of an impression, but two mark a trend and three a groundswell. The military coined a neat phrase during the Big War when they insisted we look at the “Big Picture”!

Any honest American who looks at the Big Picture today will have to conclude we have never suffered under worse government than here and now, under Barack Obama. It’s not a total stretch to dub in that famous Charles Addams cartoon showing witch-like characters on a rooftop, boiling a cauldron of molten lead and getting ready to pour it down upon the heads of a group of innocent cherubic Christmas carolers.

Weren’t we all led to suppose that the grand ayatollah demanded sanctions against Iran be lifted at the moment of signing, whereas America insisted such easement await certification that Iran is living up to the terms of the agreement? It’s thunderbolt time in America. Our president laid it upon us that, shucks, we’re going to give the Iranians that concession because the “body politic” of the ayatollah is eager to get rid of those sanctions. Neither those endless cries of ‘Death to America!” nor Iran’s partnership with the Islamic rebels who just took Yemen away from us (while Obama was in mid-boast about what a great poster child Yemen was for our successful war on terror) were weighty enough to sway the American president back to the American point of view!

Worse, much worse, was the attitude of chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, about the impending fall of the Iraqi city of Ramadi to the most sadistic and uncivilized predators to walk the planet, ISIS. “If Ramadi falls,” said Gen. Dempsey, “it won’t matter much.” Dempsey went on to emphasize that “Ramadi has no strategic or symbolic value.” That noise you heard was not North Korea doing underground hydrogen-bomb testing; when Churchill, Patton and Reagan all turn over in their graves at that kind of provocation they don’t tend to do it quietly. If a couple hundred thousand Russian troops land on Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, will Gen. Dempsey tell us the military-industrial complex has traditionally over-estimated the military importance of Philadelphia?

That craven cave-in highlights the only war Obama ever won, the war to break the military and train our war-dogs to lick their master’s hand. We now more than ever need generals willing and able to stand up to the commander in chief, not serve as his mouthpiece to apply spray-deodorant upon the battlefield failure of the American-trained Iraqi army.

Cuba, a failed Communist state, has lost the Soviet Union and Chavez-owned Venezuela as sugar daddies. Obama desperately needs something that can be disguised as a victory by his sycophant media, a giant pool in which Obama is awash. Cuban-born writer Humberto Fontova, who better than any other writer knows how to make freedom-fights entertaining, wisely notes that a visitor from Mars eavesdropping on the negotiations would conclude that it’s the other way around, that Cuba sounds like the richest and most powerful country on earth and apparently America sorely needs a favor from them. So Obama, no doubt after ample and sincere prayer, fasting and meditation, recommends that Cuba be removed from the roll call of state terror sponsors. If cynicism were radioactive, I’d be a glowing ash by now. You literally cannot name a terrorist group the Castro brothers do not support.

Vladimir Putin realizes he can roll all over Obama, but he won’t be able to seize territory so easily after a normal American president is sworn in. What gives Putin such expansionist fantasies? Maybe when he sees Obama refusing to meet with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg on the grounds that such a meeting would serve to make the Russians angry.

The poisoned cherry on the sundae of bad government is the chorus of shameless praise-makers. Hitler and Stalin had them by the tens of thousands. A free press isn’t the best climate for such tomfoolery, but here we have the State Department’s Jen Psaki, who told reporters her main frustration is that President Obama doesn’t give himself enough credit for his foreign policy successes!

Any reporter who dared ask, “Name one!” in Hitler’s Germany or Stalin’s Russia would never be heard from again. In America he might find himself saddled with an IRS audit and, depending on how well Obama knew that reporter’s boss, the loss of his job.

That’s a difference. But we need another election to make it a big enough difference.

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