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University wants teens for late-term abortions

Officials at the University of Hawaii have begun recruiting children as young as 14 years old to be part of an “experiment” with late-term abortions, and a team of pro-life lawyers is raising questions about the legality of the strategy.

According to a report from LifeNews, the study being done by Bliss Kaneshiro and Kate Whitehouse at Kapiolani Medical Center in Honolulu already has been launched.

The report says the randomized trial will have experimenters give to abortion patients – or deny them access to – oxytocin.

The drug often is used to minimize blood loss, the report said.

The plan is raising eyebrows on several fronts.

“This study is reminiscent of Nazi concentration camp experiments. I pity the poor women who are being treated like lab rats, especially those who are denied the drug to reduce hemorrhaging,” Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, told LifeNews.

“I have read too many autopsy reports of women who bled to death during abortions to think this is anything but immoral and ghoulish.”

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Ethical and moral questions aside, one team of attorneys is questioning the study’s very legality.

“While Hawaii law permits a private hospital to provide ‘medical care and services’ to a pregnant minor without a parent’s consent, federal regulations on medical experimentation do require parental consent to medical experimentation on an underage patient,” said a statement from Stephen Aden, senior counsel at the Center for Life Alliances of the Alliance Defending Freedom.

“There may also be some doubt whether a medical experiment that may offer no medical benefit could truly be considered ‘medical care’ under the deemed consent law, raising a question whether the clinical trial could violate state law as well as federal law if parental consent is not obtained. I do find it curious that the published notice on this trial states that the researchers will conduct ‘[n]o additional follow-up after discharge home.'”

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The report said the study is called “Effects of Oxytocin on Bleeding Outcomes During Dilation and Evacuation.”

It requires that abortion patients must be from 18-24 weeks gestation and ages 14-50.

The bleeding by each patient will be measured.

The report said, “Dilation and evacuation abortions are grisly 2-3 day procedures that involve dismembering the pre-born baby with forceps and other instruments in order to remove him or her from the womb.”

More than 150 test subjects apparently still are being sought.

The report continued, “The University of Hawaii has done little to publicize the hospital-based abortions outside the medical community, perhaps fearing a public backlash. The Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children, where the abortion study is based, does not advertise abortions on its website.”

Newman said, “Abortionists are continually conducting abortion experimentation on women. That’s how the D&E abortion process and other abortion methods were invented, for example. It is appalling to read the details of this particular experiment especially considering that they are using test subjects as young as 14 years old.”

Backers of the study are the University of Hawaii, the Society of Family Planning and the University of Washington.

In a commentary at LifeNews, Kristan Hawkins wrote, “Several scientific studies have shown babies feel pain by at least 20 weeks gestation. When subjected to painful stimuli, babies will flinch, recoil and jerk away. For mothers, the risk of physical harm drastically increases the later in pregnancy the abortion happens. During first trimester abortions, the chance of physical complications are around 6 percent but increase to 50 percent or higher for abortions into the second trimester. A study on abortion-related mortality from 1988 to 1997 showed that women died from abortions at a rate of 29.5 deaths per 100,000 at 16 to 20 weeks. After 21 weeks, it was 76.6 deaths per 100,000.”

She said, “The University of Hawaii needs to stop this study immediately. They are recruiting children to abort their own children in late-term abortions, a very risky procedure that ends the life of at least one person involved.”