Bruce Jenner wants to be a woman. Well, then. Everyone has an opinion about it, and everyone seems to want to do one of two things:

1) Watch it like a freak show with a kind of curiosity; or
2) Impugn, make fun of, advise or otherwise speak to his decision.

Conservatives on social media are either defending Bruce now that he has called himself a conservative Christian, or judging his commitment to the ideals he claims to espouse.

I don’t agree with what Bruce has done, but I would sit at a dinner table with him and listen to his heart about it. I don’t agree with the Kinseyan “we are all sexual from birth and some of us are born transgendered” theory, but that is their theory, and I have mine. My life experience to date is different from his, but I am still learning, too, and I am not perfect, either.

More importantly, I believe in freedom and capitalism. He isn’t trying to change laws or abort babies. Frankly, I don’t care what he does with his freedom.

The truth is that most of Hollywood is 100 percent intolerant of your right to believe any way but their way. Interestingly, Bruce doesn’t really seem like one of them. Don’t give those who hate you the ammo to say that we are the intolerant ones. We aren’t.

We might find Bruce’s decision flawed, narcissistic, opportunistic, freakish, fine, informed, enlightened, honest, upsetting, degrading, an abomination, a contradiction, a travesty, a calculation, a deadly sin, a mistake … the list goes on.

But the reality is that most of us would agree that it is his life, and if that is what he wants to do, we will carry on with what we think our own best choices are and wish him the best.

Conservatives are all about freedom, not imposition. Conservatives are about individual liberty and constitutional rights.

Some will say, “Well, if we truly tolerate this, then don’t we have to do the same with sins like abortion?” The answer is no. Abortion abrogates the fundamental Right to Life of another. Bruce’s decision, however damaging to himself or to a societal narrative, is his decision, and in a free society, that just is what it is.

Can we agree that although Bruce’s decision may offend our better judgment, we are the tolerant ones? We cannot espouse individual liberty and simultaneously try to tell Bruce that he should know better. Chances are he has had plenty of advice on the topic, and he still freely chose his course. That does not also mean that we should make him some cause celeb, either. What he is doing is bizarre. Children, hide your eyes.

When we assail a choice that brings harm to no one, and carries no demand for legal recognition or protected class status, we become the finger-shaking, intolerant, hateful bigots the other side daily accuses us of being. The strongest reaction of the patriot who loves American liberty should give this no more than a passing, “Aw, dang. I feel badly for him,” and regret that it might confuse others, especially children, who may need a healthy discussion from caring parents.

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Can we live out the message, once and for all, that we can “love the sinner while we don’t accept the sin”? Can we agree to talk about Iran, or the POTUS election, the 25 Hollywood celebrities who have come out for waiting for sex until marriage or the new proof that abortion does indeed cause cancer, as we have been saying for years?

Can we agree to let the millennial generation see that we can love, even when we don’t condone, in spite of circumstances and mistakes, and yes, even sin? If we engage, casting pearls of Wisdom before swine proverbially, we invite the hogs to feast on our pretty pearls right about 2016 election time.

Our enemy prowls like a lion ready to devour, and those who preach tolerance while they hate us for what we believe are watching. They won’t hesitate to use our misstep against us to prove our “bigotry and hatred” again, if we don’t keep our eye on the prize.

Christian brother or sister, let me ask you what message you want to send the world. Is the average low-information voter more likely to be moved positively by your condemnation of Bruce Jenner, or are they more likely to learn about what really matters if we move on, and give Bruce a passing sentiment of grace and compassion?

If we are going to take a lesson from Jenner and the Kardashians, it should be how to grab headlines! They get more earned media in a day than the GOP does in a whole election cycle.

What would happen if Bruce Jenner spoke at the next GOP convention about how loved and listened to he was by Christian conservatives and endorses the Christian conservative candidate? Just asking.

Please don’t misunderstand me to condone Bruce’s actions, or think that I don’t understand the degradation of our culture, thanks in part to reality TV. I get your conservative heart in this. But I don’t want it to be used to distract from Hillarygate, Biden’s next gaffe, or Obama’s next tyrannical executive order. I don’t want them to use this moment as “Exhibit A” of why they need to parade a man in obvious mental pain and conflict out to the arena of public opinion. I don’t want them to use this as yet another example of how conservatives hate. We aren’t the haters. They are. Let’s turn the game on them.

God bless you, Bruce. I hope that you and your family find the grace of God that will meet far more need than fame, fortune, or cosmetic surgery. And I pray that America can focus, because I believe we are at the historical tipping point between the life and death of freedom in the world.

So help us, God.

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