What they’re saying about WND at 18

By WND Staff

Action star Chuck Norris
Action star Chuck Norris

WASHINGTON – It’s been 18 years since Joseph and Elizabeth Farah created WND to be a “light exposing wrongdoing, corruption, and abuse of power.”

Some nice things have been said about the effort – including from some of the most prominent activists, journalists and celebrities.

Recently, legendary activist and author Phyllis Schlafly wrote, “Congratulations to WND on its 18th anniversary. As an author, I’m so thankful to Joseph Farah and his staff for creating such an efficient route to communicate with millions of Americans. I am especially grateful to WND for tackling conservative issues every day so effectively.”

Beloved American singer, actor and Christian personality Pat Boone praised WND and the trailblazing path for truth the company rides on: “Nobody in this country has been as bold as you. I’m proud to stand alongside you in confronting the nightmare foisted on our country, our way of life and an increasingly numbed and dumbed populace. Thanks for undergirding and publishing so many others who are crying out to our people. As God proclaimed through Hosea, ‘My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge’. You’re sure doing your part. God bless you!”

Bible expositor Chuck Missler praised WND and Farah as being a news organization standing firm: “Joseph Farah at WorldNetDaily is a lone voice as a megaphone of freedom, liberty, and the root causes of truth. He’s fortunately joined by some others, but he’s a conspicuous example.”

Praising WND, he said, “The media – you know, everybody in public life has discovered that the media has a liberal bias; no surprise. That’s been that way all along probably, for a lot of reasons. But something different happened in the election of 2008, in the United States. Because all five of the mainline media conspired to hide the truth from the American people. That’s not bias; that’s treasonous conduct. The purpose of the media is to inform the electorate in a democracy. And they deliberately hid the truth of the primary candidate. That also would be a treasonous offense. There’s one voice in America that has dedicated his life to the principle that the media’s role is to be a watchdog of the government. And that organization is headed by an Arab; our favorite Arab, I might add.”

Nat Hentoff, a progressive champion of the First Amendment and tireless defender of the Bill of Rights, praises WND for the company’s dedication to finding out the truth in the Miriam Carey shooting.

“I always read WND because I get so much real news from you guys,” he says. “The way you handled that story ought to be taught in journalism schools. I have a lot of respect for that publication. I make sure I read it. It’s one of my favorites on the Web because you guys are among the remaining and dwindling number of an independent press. … There are still a few journalism schools I suppose that are taking their work seriously, but this ought to be part of the curriculum. I mean it.”

Ted Kavanau, one of the men responsible for creating the news juggernaut that is CNN, praised WND for being an “indispensable source”: “As the founding senior producer of CNN and founding chief executive of CNN Headline News, I find WND an indispensable source for courageous commentary and investigative journalism, a much needed balance to the regrettably one-sided view so frequently found in the ‘Main Stream Media’.”

Chuck Norris, one of America’s living legends and Hollywood superstars, turns daily to read WND. He said: “The fact of the matter is that the creation of WorldNetDaily has not only given the world a truthful and an alternative voice to news, but one that I believe is reflective of what our founders said and would want us to hear. WND is not a conservative voice, but the voice of patriots – an influence that is needed in our milquetoast world and constitutionally run amuck country and government.

“And at the center of it all are a bounty-hunter veteran news reporter and editor, and his wife, Joseph and Elizabeth Farah. They’re independent. They don’t shy away from controversy. And they’re not afraid to tell the truth, despite the fallout. Since WorldNetDaily’s inception, it has remained a free press for a free people, preserving the truth and freedom found in the First Amendment. In his column Joseph daily shows his unabashed prowess to discuss the way it is. Even stronger still is his backbone when it comes to addressing governmental problems, as noted in his book, ‘Taking America Back’: ‘If we’re ever going to make the U.S. government responsive to the will of the people, it’s going to take a revolution. I don’t necessarily mean a violent, armed clash between patriots who still believe in self-government and the forces of the U.S. Defense Department. But I do mean a real revolution. Nothing short of that can save us from tyranny, despotism, and slavery. It’s just a matter of time.'”

Norris continued: “I admire Farah’s gumption and appreciate his no-nonsense communicative courage. Most of all, I’m glad he’s weathered the storms of personal and media criticism to continue to offer this world a fine set of news and truths from WorldNetDaily. Of course WND is far more than Farah. Excluding yours truly, I believe it contains one of the finest line ups of columnists, commentators, and journalists around.”

High praise comes from average visitors too:

  • “I have been a WND reader since soon after it began. It is a source of truth in a world of obscure drivel.” – Ernest Asmussen
  • “Your efforts are very remarkable – the daily array of eye/mind-opening news at WND, the encouragement of good writers, and the publishing of good books. I have been reading WND for many years and regularly restock my bookshelf, thanks to you for your courage and vision as well as all who surround you.” – Bruce DuMond
  • “Over the years I have thoroughly enjoyed your website and I have enjoyed your articles… Keep up the good fight Mr. Farah, because we are fighting alongside you. I will be praying prayers of support for you and your company. Thanks for all you do! In Jesus name.” – Pastor Fernando A Chacon
  • “I want to thank you for keeping it real. We need more reporters like you out in the world… please keep doing your great work.” – Michael J. Panichelli III
  • “Do you know how many other outlets use WND as their go-to site? When I want to know what other conservatives are about to talk about – just saves time to go to WND! What would we do without WND? Thanks again.” – Ann Leatherwood
  • “I am really enjoying the daily WND reports, and it’s refreshing to know that I can read the articles knowing they are reporting the truth. WND should be proud of its record in bringing the latest news and telling it like it is… I know that I can share it with friends and family with confidence. Thank you for your service to the online community. God bless WND and all the team members.” – Mary Sergiacomi
  • “Keep reporting on things no one else will; there are people out there who appreciate it! May God bless you and WND!” – Fred Hunziker
  • “I VERY much appreciate your thought provoking and intelligent articles. I have told a number of people about WND and will continue to do so – I am sure I am one of your biggest fans.” – TJ Goforth
  • “Keep on keeping us informed! I read every morning with my coffee.” – Bob Riley
  • “Thank you so much for all your fantastically informative articles which cast so much light on our world which has gone mad.” – Christine Landis
  • “I am thankful to have an invaluable news source like WND. You and the rest of the WND team go to great lengths to deliver the REAL news to those who want it but can’t find it on the mainstream media.” – Catherine Fouser
  • “God bless you in your brilliance and your courage… not to forget Mr. Farah’s courage also. What a shining light you gentlemen and WND are. Whatever you do, never stop. I never stop promoting you and WND to all I speak to.” – Jean-Calude Guenette
  • “May WND continue to be inspired by God!” – Robert Markel
  • “…I will continue to read your website every day because I believe you are telling us the truth that we will NOT be getting from anywhere else!” – Patricia Sibert
  • “…God bless you for your tireless effort at getting the truth out there.” – Scott Hashier
  • “I enjoy your articles and I am very thankful for WND. I always look forward to the articles found there-in for they are truthful . . . a commodity which is very difficult to find today. Keep up the good work and thank you and your staff once again for all you do.” – Marie Warhola
  • “I have been a WND subscriber and reader for years. I think highly of Joseph. Don’t know what I would do without WND to keep me on top of all that is newsworthy.” – Bonnie Anderson

And that’s just a sampling from the past 18 years. The official birthday is May 4.

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