During the news coverage of the Baltimore riots, many of us have been wondering, “Where are the parents of these rioters?”

A few parents have stepped up to be the example of how to parent in the era of race riots in America. Photos of Toya Graham will be seen forever in history books alongside images of burning Baltimore businesses.

baltimore mom Toya Graham catches her 16-year-old son as he attempts to throw a rock at police

Baltimore mom Toya Graham catches her 16-year-old son as he attempts to throw a rock at police

Toya Graham said she recognized her 16-year-old son – who had a rock in his hand, ready to throw at the police – when they made eye contact through the hood and mask he was wearing. That is when she grabbed him and disciplined him in front of the whole world.

Most preface their coverage of Graham with a politically correct statement like, “I don’t approve of her abusive style of discipline, but …”

I’ve not heard one commentator suggest that she shouldn’t have done what she did, but they all seem to be afraid to condone it as they cheer for her.

Most of us remember the days when our teachers and school administrators had a paddle hanging on the wall in their classrooms and offices. Thanks to litigious parents, you can no longer find a paddle in any school in America, and America’s children, especially in our inner cities, are less disciplined than ever.

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One mother in Columbus, Georgia, found a way to help her child get past the problems he was having in school.

Chiquita Hill received a report from her 10-year-old son’s teacher that said he was “rude and disrespectful, not listening, talking back, not doing his school work.” After seeing news reports about what was happening in Baltimore, she was afraid he might end up being a thug like the Baltimore rioters. Chiquita asked the teacher to come to the house to speak to her son, Sean, to address the problems, but that still didn’t help.

That is when Hill called the police.

With Hill’s consent, the police officers placed handcuffs on the boy and put him in the back of the police car. Hill documented the experience with pictures and posted them to Facebook.




After a short talk with police officers while sitting in the back of the police car, Sean emerged a very different little boy. He is reportedly doing much better in school and has been very respectful to his mother and teacher since he was “arrested.”

Unfortunately, Columbus, Georgia, officers have been asked not to do this again for any other parents, citing fear of a lawsuit.

If the left had their way, both mothers would be prosecuted for corporal punishment and both boys would end up in more trouble. But parents are becoming quite creative these days, and it seems like the obvious failures of “time-out parenting” are causing parents to consider harsher styles of punishment.

Heaven forbid, if you ever catch your child with rock in hand, ready to riot, you remember the lessons of the few and brave parents who wrote the manual on riot parenting. Maybe they should write a book.

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