Police in Waco were told to watch their backs.

The Waco, Texas, scene of a massive biker gang shootout was one of chaos in the early Monday morning hours, as police were placed on high alert about the possibility of more members coming to the area to take on police.

Highway troopers were pulling over motorcyclists to question them and see if they were headed to Waco to join in the previous fray, Fox News reported. And at least one police spokesman said officers were told to watch their backs – that reports had surfaced of gang members discussing plots to fire on police.

Meanwhile, the blog Go Heroes reported police were issued an Officer Safety Alert saying gang members had been ordered to “kill anyone in uniform.”

The shootout on Sunday at a shopping plaza in Central Texas left nine bikers dead and 18 injured. The chaos began at a restaurant shortly after noon as a fistfight but escalated within minutes to include chains, knives and guns.

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“There were multiple people on the scene firing weapons at each other,” said Sgt. Patrick Swanton, a Waco Police Department spokesman, the New York Times reported. “They then turned on our officers. Our officers returned gunfire, wounding and possibly killing several.”

Police said the violence involving five rival biker gangs was the worst they’d seen in Waco since the Branch Davidian compound siege that left 86 dead.

No officers or shoppers were killed or injured – but police were wary of more violence escalating Monday that put them in gang members’ targets.

Police ultimately arrested 192 and charged them with engaging in organizing crime. Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission officials, meanwhile, have closed the restaurant where the bikers met for a period of seven days, citing public safety, Breitbart reported.

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