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Saddam's revenge: Texas attack 'most certainly our new normal'

The Islamic jihadist attack Sunday night in Garland, Texas, for which ISIS claimed responsibility, is the “new normal” for the U.S., according to some observers of the Middle East .

“Random jihadist Muslim attacks are not going to go away,” said Joel Richardson, the author of “When a Jew Rules the World: What the Bible Really Says About Israel in the Plan of God,” “And even to date, most of the mainstream media refuses to relate these attacks, like the Fort Hood shooting, to Islam.”

Bestselling author Carl Gallups, who has written extensively on the end times and addresses those issues in his newest, “Final Warning: Understanding the Trumpet Days of Revelation,” is like-minded.

He traces the violence of ISIS back to the legacy of Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi dictator chased from office by the U.S. military 12 years ago.

The presence of ISIS terrorists within the United States confirms the West still is living with that legacy, said Gallups.

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“As I have carefully documented in ‘Final Warning,’ the links between the 1991 Gulf War involving Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait to the current conditions in Iraq are clear.

“The rise of ISIS can ultimately be connected back to the actions of a man who invaded Kuwait for a period of five unchecked months, who set 800 oil wells on fire that burned for 11 months, darkening the skies as black as midnight in the middle of the day, and who further inflamed the relations between the Western powers and the Islamic world,” he said.

Gallups suggests the possibility Saddam may have been the figure named the “destroyer” predicted in the vision of the Fifth Trumpet in the book of Revelation. He points to a statement in Revelation which reads in the Persian translation,”They had as king over them ‘one named Saddam.'”

Gallups says these and other astounding correlations are “either some of the biggest coincidences in history or they are exacting prophecy being revealed and unleashed upon the world.”

Gallups believes the Fifth Trumpet of Revelation may still be sounding.

New reports indicate a more direct connection between Saddam and the international terrorist group than anyone could have predicted. A recent investigation in the Washington Post identified Saddam as the “hidden hand” behind ISIS militants, as almost all of the leaders of the group are former Iraqi officers and members of his Baathist regime.

Gallups, whose “Final Warning: Understanding the Trumpet Days of Revelation” has proven wildly popular, believes ISIS is just another part of the ruinous legacy of Saddam foretold in Scripture.

The German magazine Der Spiegel also reported a former Iraqi intelligence officer plotted ISIS’s strategy in Syria and Iraq. As a result, many Iraqis now believe ISIS is simply a front group for former members of Saddam’s regime.

And as ISIS has now claimed responsibility for the attack on Pamela Geller’s “Muhammad Art and Cartoon Contest” in Texas, Saddam’s dark legacy may become an important part of American life, he said.

“ISIS is now directly threatening the American homeland, possesses training camps that have been reported on the U.S.-Mexican border, and we now have a direct ISIS attack in Texas. And this all began with a man named ‘the destroyer’ and his rule in the Middle East,” Gallups said.

Richardson also believes the attack by ISIS in Texas on free-speech activists heralds a new age for the United States, as such assaults will become a regular part of life.

Added Richardson: “While I think the vast majority do not, there is enough evidence to conclude that plenty of Muslims in the United States identify with the goals of ISIS. Smaller attacks like this most recent event are not enough to wake anyone up however. One man was shot in the leg, and both jihadists were killed. All things considered, this one ended well. But if a much larger scale attacks takes place, then the American people will feel what so many other less isolated nations feel.”

Richardson believes “wiser immigration laws” and “increased policing by the FBI” will be necessary to defend the country, but such measures will not solve the root cause of the attacks. Instead, Richardson says the attacks will usher in a time of testing for Christians.

“The only ultimate solution is for the church in the U.S. to rise up and begin truly being obedient to God. This means actively loving and evangelizing the Muslim community in our midst. Eight-five percent of those Muslims who became followers of Jesus cite the love shown to them by a Christian as the primary reason they came to faith in Jesus. That is an astonishingly high number,” he said.

“Yet when I look at the go to response of most Christians to the increasing problem we have with jihadist Muslims, it is to retreat into fear and hatred. If 85 percent of these Muslim background followers of Jesus say that it was the love of a Christian that initiated their transformation, then we as Christians have to ask ourselves if we are part of the solution or part of the problem. Jesus loved each one of us while we were yet His enemies and we are called to do the same.”

Gallups sees the terrorist challenge to the West as part of prophecy playing out today. And as Americans struggle to find their place in this new and dangerous world, he says it is critical to remember the Gulf War and the rule of Saddam were the key catalysts to everything that has happened since.

“Regardless of what one believes about the potential trumpet vision correlations, any real student of the Bible and current events would have to admit that we are certainly living in historically prophetic times. We are the only generation to see the return of Israel, the recapturing of Jerusalem, the predicted rise of worldwide anti-Semitism, the falling away of the United States’ unwavering support of Israel, the alignment of the Ezekiel 38 nations that are to rise up against a returned Israel in the very last days – and now the explosive rise of ISIS and their delivering of Christians to the flames and brutal beheadings.

“All of these things were prophesied, to one degree or another, in the Scripture – and all of them have converged only in our historical lifetime. And now we have ISIS in Texas and upon our own borders. So much for those who say that the Gulf War, which unleashed all of this, was not significant enough to be a ‘biblical trumpet warning.'”

As events Gallups believes were long foretold continue to play out, the pastor says Americans need to take personal responsibility for their own security.

“As far as abject national security measures are concerned – we must defeat those who are determined to destroy us if we are to survive as a nation and civilization. As far as individual personal protection and security measures go – we are each responsible for protecting and defending our own lives and those for whom we are responsible.”

But like Richardson, Gallups says the most important thing Christians can do to combat terrorism is share their faith with the Muslim community.

“The primary goal of the church and individual Christians should be to reach out with the love of Christ and the gospel of salvation to the lost world around us – that includes the Muslim world and especially those living within the United States of America.

“The problem with the world today is the same as it has always been – we have, by and large, turned our hearts from God and until we are made right with our creator through Jesus Christ, our hearts will always be desperately wicked.”

The free WND special report “ISIS Rising,” by Middle East expert and former Department of Defense analyst Michael Maloof, will answer your questions about the jihadist army threatening the West.