Billy Graham’s daughter issues ‘Mayday’

By WND Staff

Anne Graham Lotz
Anne Graham Lotz

The daughter of America’s most famous evangelist, Billy Graham, says God is “clearly warning that His judgment is coming on America, and it’s going to be ugly.”

So, Ann Graham Lotz is calling on Americans to participate in a “Mayday” time of prayer and intercession May 15-23.

She hopes to “delay or soften God’s judgment that is coming on America and our world” and urge the Holy Spirit to “compel the church to repent of sin and our nation to return to faith in the living God.”

Lotz’s warnings are startlingly specific.

In a recent message on her website, she said she believes Jesus “is soon to return to take all of His followers to Heaven with Him in what is referred to as The Rapture.”

“Institutions will collapse. Banks will close,” Lotz wrote. “The stock market will plunge. Planes will fall out of the sky. Cars will crash on the road. Government in America at every level will disintegrate. Families will be torn apart.

“In the unprecedented turmoil, our nation will be vulnerable for our enemies to seize the moment and attack us. There will be mass chaos, confusion, fear, grief, despair, anger, threats, danger … judgment.”

Read “When a Jew Rules the World: What the Bible Really Says About Israel in the Plan of God” and tap into author Joel Richardson’s insight into what’s coming.

The Family Research Council is among the Christian groups promoting the prayer campaign. FRC Chaplain Pierre Bynum wrote, “Please take Anne’s call to heart.”

Lotz is not alone in expecting divine judgment against the United States in years or even months to come.

Joel Richardson, author of “When a Jew Rules the World: What the Bible Really Says About Israel in the Plan of God,” agrees it is time for Americans to repent.

Richardson told WND: “I do believe the United States may very well be on the brink of judgment. No doubt, the church should pay heed to the warnings of voices such as Anne Graham Lotz or Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. There is no question that now is the moment for the nation to turn to its Creator with prayer and fasting.

“Yet it is important to state that God does not want to chastise this nation, He does not take pleasure in bringing calamity. The Lord’s desire is always that we choose to repent on our own. But in the same way that any good parent will discipline their children in the hopes of training them to do what is right, so also will God discipline nations for the purpose of awakening them and causing them to turn back to Himself.”

Among the reasons Lotz gives for her urgency in declaring a time of prayer and fasting is the “Blood Moons” phenomenon discovered by pastor Mark Biltz.

Lotz says one of the purposes of the “Mayday” event is to “claim God our Father’s promise of an outpouring of His Spirit in these days following three blood moons and a total solar eclipse: I will pour out my Spirit in those days. … The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. Joel 2:29, 31.”

Biltz, author of “Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs,” agrees, declaring America “is facing an ugly judgment time.”

And while no one can say for sure when such a time could arrive, Biltz cautions, he believes it “could be this year or definitely by the end of next year.”

However, Biltz warns against “overkill” in making specific predictions about “planes falling from the sky” or the imminence of the rapture. That said, Biltz welcomes the “Mayday” prayer event.

“Praying and fasting is always a good idea. This time frame is good, especially on May 17th, which is Jerusalem Day,” he told WND.

Biltz believes America has invited judgment because of its foreign policy regarding the Jewish state of Israel.

“God’s judgment will come on America because of our treatment of Israel and being at the forefront of dividing the land of Israel by pushing for a two-state solution,” he said. “And all of this is in the light of the Blood Moons as well.

“Americans should be fasting and praying and interceding as Abraham did before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.”

But Carl Gallups, pastor, radio host and author of the end-times bestseller “Final Warning: Understanding the Trumpet Days of Revelation,” says America is already becoming like those doomed cities.

“I am frequently asked if God’s judgment is really getting ready to fall upon America,” he said. “My answer is that it has already begun! Most Americans don’t want to hear that answer. But the facts are staring us in the face. There is already a monumental moral collapse taking place in America.

“Because God has been removed from our schools and our culture, we can see the tangible results of this kind of anti-Christian thinking. Americans feel free to kill our babies for convenience, declare biblical marriage is no longer valid, encourage our children to engage in premarital sex, and persuade our culture to indulge all manner of deviant sexual behaviors. Once you go far enough down this path, a society will grow to hate the Word of God and the people of God who hold to that foundation. We are now there … and the tide continues to rise,” he said.

“Yes – the judgment of God is already falling upon America. But, I agree with Anne Graham Lotz and her biblically bold proclamation, ‘The worst is yet to come and it’s going to be ugly.'”

Gallups says prayer and moral renewal are the only solutions Americans can pursue to cure the deep rot that lies within its culture.

“A large number of Americans mistakenly believe that we can correct our problems solely through the political process. We always hear, ‘If we could only get the right leaders.’ But our problems go far deeper than the political makeup of Washington, D.C.,” he said.

“The real problem is that a moral collapse is destroying the framework and foundations of the national heritage. If that collapse continues without an intervention of national repentance and a societal turning back to our Judeo-Christian roots – it will destroy us.

“I so wish that repairing our broken moral walls were as easy as ‘switching out political leaders.’ But it is the heart of America that needs cleansing first – the rest will follow. America doesn’t need more patriotism at this point in our history – it needs more repentance – we need to turn back to a reverence for God and His Son, Jesus Christ.”

For that reason, Richardson urges Christians to be especially fervent during this critical time. And he cautions believers that if judgment truly is forthcoming, it will center on those who call themselves Christians.

“If the Lord should chastise this nation, He will begin with the house of God. Today there are very popular preachers who claim that all judgment was poured out on Christ on the cross and therefore He would never judge a nation. Such is the logic of the serpent in the garden. It is an absolute perversion of what the Scriptures actually teach,” he said.

“Truly the people have accumulated teachers around themselves who tickle their ears and say what they want to hear. Of course, God poured out his wrath on His own Son in order that anyone can receive His free gift of forgiveness. But that forgiveness begins with repentance. When we refuse to repent, we shut ourselves off from the grace of God.

“Now the moment for this nation to repent? But it must begin with the people of God. It’s time for the church to return to all that they were called to be: A prayerful, evangelistic community that truly functions as salt and light.”


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