Government schools are warring on Christianity and real education, warns an education expert and one of America’s most influential Christian authors.

Pastor Carl Gallups and educator and author Alex Newman charge there is a deliberate and unified agenda to dumb down U.S. school children and remove Christianity from schools and public life. And both of them place most of the blame at the feet of John Dewey, the godfather of America’s progressive education system.

Newman believes the education bureaucrats controlling government schools are deliberately harming both the hearts and minds of American children.

“It is absolutely clear at this point that the militant secular agenda and the Big Government agenda are actually one and the same,” he told WND. “Real Christians have no need for big government. They generally have strong family, work ethic, community, and so on, in addition to high moral standards that should preclude bad behavior.”

Newman added, “But those promoting big government’s so-called solutions understand that a moral people with supreme allegiance to God are infinitely harder to oppress and control with government. Plus, the utopians pushing socialism and secularism know that as long as Americans are loyal to God above everything else, government will never be able to occupy that coveted place in people’s hearts, minds and souls.”

Newman, co-author with Samuel Blumenfeld of “Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children,” believes religious schools are being targeted for destruction precisely because they are superior to government schools when it comes to education.

“Independent Christian schools are so much better than government schools, generally speaking, that they don’t even belong in the same category,” he said. “Religious schools, for the most part, are teaching children to read using phonics – the only legitimate way – while government schools are mostly using the quackery known as the ‘whole word’ method to dumb down children. In short, government schools are designed to dumb down students, while Christian schools are designed to educate them.”

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Gallups, also a talk-show host and author, also pins the blame squarely on Dewey, whom he calls the founder of the modern American educational system. The author of “Final Warning: Understanding the Trumpet Days of Revelation” told WND, “It’s well documented Dewey was a socialist. He plotted a deliberate strategy to dumb down the American public.”

The key to this effort, observed Gallups, was removing God and the study of Scripture from the classroom.

“The early school system was predicted on the belief that literacy was very important, not just to understand ideas but also so that people could read, interpret, and apply the Word of God,” he said. “Dewey and his cadre that agreed with him set out to destroy that.”

Newman concurs and points out Dewey was a dedicated secularist and humanist who signed the first “Humanist Manifesto” in 1933, which had as its goal to “establish such a religion” as could be a “synthesizing and dynamic force for today … shaped for the needs of the age.” As part of that effort, Dewey wanted humanism and secular evolution taught in all schools. Newman contrasts this view of education with the earlier view of American schooling, which placed Scripture firmly at the center.

“From colonial times, the purpose of education, as can be documented by looking at the earliest education laws in the colonies such as the ‘Old Deluder Satan Act’ [another name for the Massachusetts School Laws governing education in Massachusetts Bay Colony], was to ensure that everyone knew and understood Scripture. And of course, if you could read the Bible, you could read anything.”

Newman added, “Dewey set out with a deliberate agenda to undermine the Christian foundations of American society, even going to the Soviet Union to study their success in mass producing collectivists and atheists. He wanted to replicate that here, and he told us why in his writings: To fundamentally transform America from a constitutional republic with individual rights and free markets based on biblical values into a collectivist utopia with no private property.

“He knew that to accomplish that, he would have to destroy the both the literacy and the rock-solid faith of the American people. That was his agenda, and this is no secret – he told us so in his writings.”

Gallups charges students who can no longer read Scripture and critically analyze complicated ideas are transformed from active citizens into consumerist drones.

“We’ve raised up generations of these children who believe they are nothing but souped-up gorillas who think life is an accident, who can’t read well, who don’t possess deductive reasoning, and who can’t think critically. There is a massive, deliberate dumbing down because our public education system was built with the agenda of creating worker bees, not citizens,” he said.

“We’ve raised up generations that don’t even read the Constitution. They don’t read the Word of God. They don’t understand how to interpret. And the worst part is, all of this is being done on purpose.”

Both Newman and Gallups suggest the key to real educational freedom may lie in the fight for religious freedom. But both warn Christians will face severe trials in the near future as the government moves to consolidate control over education.

Newman told WND, “Christian schools are giving children a solid foundation in Scripture, which is crucial to a good, well-rounded education, even for non-Christians. The Bible is without question the most important book in human history, and the systematic exclusion of it from government schools is an affront to real education.”

Because of all this, he said, it is no surprise to see government and the education establishment seeking to crush or bring under government control Christian schools and homeschooling.

“We just heard recently from the Obama administration’s own lawyers at the Supreme Court that tax exemptions for institutions that do not accept the re-definition of marriage may soon be in jeopardy,” he said.

“It is going to get a lot worse if Americans do not rise up and put a stop to this lunacy. As long as there exist well-educated, critical thinkers who were raised outside of the indoctrination system, there will always be that little boy to point out that the emperor actually has no clothes. This is why we are seeing the accelerating assault on educational freedom.”

Gallups urges Christians to resist federal control over education and stay engaged in the political process. Most importantly, he says, Christians need to put their faith first, especially when it comes to education.

“On a policy level, the crack cocaine which corrupts these local school districts is the federal money which tempts schools into abandoning their agenda and following the federal government. And that leads to further problems like Common Core,” he said.

“Christians have to stay involved with this. Jesus called us to be the salt and the light. But on a larger level, as with all these problems, our nation has to do some real soul searching, a heart check, a gut check.”

Gallups concluded, “We are living in prophetic times. And we need to turn back to God.”

In “Final Warning,” beloved pastor and bestselling author Carl Gallups explores the stunning visions of the Apostle John as found in the seven trumpets of Revelation and overlays them on major events in the 20th and 21st centuries.

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