Ashton Carter

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter dismissed fears about military training that’s due to be conducted in communities in seven states this summer, saying the Pentagon’s been very upfront about Jade Helm and “very responsive” to questions.

Jade Helm 15 is the two-month upcoming operation that puts special forces with all four branches of America’s military in the civilian streets in seven states – some of which have been labeled “hostile” territories – in order to train for urban warfare. Many have expressed concerns about the operation, wondering why it has to be conducted in America’s communities and whether the military and government have nefarious designs to acclimate citizens to an atmosphere of martial law.

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Pentagon and military spokespeople have held several public meetings on the exercise to assuage fears and explain the operation is a necessary urban training mission, with no ulterior motive.

But Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert has expressed surprise at the fact most of the military training maps on the operation’s so-called “hostile” zones “amazingly have a Republican majority,” he said, as WND previously reported. And Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, meanwhile, has vowed to activate the Texas State Guard in order to monitor the military’s activities and “to address concerns of Texas citizens,” he said, in a letter reported previously by WND.

Carter, however, dismissed such responses and worries as nonsense.

When asked by CNN about the theories and mysteries surrounding Jade Helm and whether he would like to “refute the concerns of those on the Internet,” Carter basically shrugged.

He said the Pentagon’s been “very open and upfront about our training activities,” and they will continue to be “very responsive” to other inquiries from citizens, Mediaite reported.

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