The idea of a communist America – big C or small – was once the stuff of movie fantasies like “Red Dawn.”

Not any longer. Not since the Democratic Party mainstream establishment began to embrace essentially the same political agenda as the Communist Party USA, founded as an arm of the Soviet Union before its fall, as well as the Socialist Party USA.

Today, the thought of socialism is no longer categorically rejected by a significant percentage of Americans, while communism, despite its genocidal history, no longer raises fears of gulags, tyranny and re-education camps.

A story in WND this week pointed out the striking similarities between today’s Democratic Party’s “Progressive Agenda,” embraced by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, and the official party lines of the Big C Communists and Big S Socialists in the U.S.

How did this happen? How did we reach this state of affairs?

We could probably point to the simple and concise answer Russian historian Alexander Solzhenitsyn gave when an interviewer asked him how Russia reached the point of totalitarianism. He said, “Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.”

That’s about the best answer anyone could give to such a question. Because it is God who has defined right and wrong for humanity from the beginning. No matter what you believe about God, it is only a transcendent Creator who could provide a moral code that is based on anything other than the opinion of men.

Russia had that before the Bolsheviks swept into power in the 20th century for a 70-year reign of terror and the death of tens of millions. That doesn’t mean Russia was without human rights abuse or that it lived up to God’s standards. It simply means that before Russia adopted communism as its ruling ethos, its citizenry, and even its leaders, believed, in one degree or another, they were accountable to God.

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That all began to change when the state made itself into the supreme judge of right and wrong. That’s what communism and any other form of tyranny generally does.

America was founded on the idea of “limited government.” The state was forbidden by the Constitution from assuming God-like powers. But ask politicians today – Democrats as well as Republicans – about those limitations and you will see confusion at best and deception at worst in their responses.

America has forgotten God, too.

It was just last week that a national poll showed just how quickly America is forgetting about and rejecting God today.

The Pew Foundation survey found a tremendous drop in the percentage of Americans who identify as Christians just since 2007 – from 78.4 percent to 70.6 percent seven years later.

Where are those Christians going? Just where they went in the Soviet Union – to the embracing of atheism, agnosticism, vague spirituality and indifference.

So it’s a good time to ask ourselves some pretty basic questions:

  • Do you want a communist America?
  • Do you want a socialist America?
  • Do you want an America in which the government has no limits on power?
  • Can Americans govern themselves without a common moral code based on eternal truths?
  • Would you prefer an America in which right and wrong is simply defined on the basis of government edicts that may or may not be representative of popular opinion?
  • Is right and wrong just a matter of opinion?
  • Has God spoken to us through His Scripture and through His Holy Spirit about what He expects from His Creation?

A society that doesn’t wrestle with these questions – actively and enthusiastically – is on its way down the totalitarian road.

It’s just that simple.

And that’s the road American has chosen for itself today – if not consciously and deliberately, through its indifference and because it has forgotten about God.

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