From the first time I saw WorldNetDaily, I was hooked. I’d heard about it from friends, and I was relatively new to the Internet, so it was a marvel to me.

Over the years, my enthusiasm for WND hasn’t wavered. The site has grown and matured, bringing regular users all they need to be well informed in addition to providing the background and perspective needed to make our crazy world have a semblance of sense.

It’s not just that there is a “conservative” point of view; it’s that WND maintains the courage to print facts, enabling readers to learn the truth that often is omitted or spun by the mainstream.

Joseph and Elizabeth Farah have guided staff and contributors over the years, keeping a steady course through some often-rough waters. There’s no doubt that mainstream media find it difficult to deal with truth-tellers, but that hasn’t stopped WND from bringing facts and truth to readers.

At every step, WND surpasses itself.Now, not only have we Internet news, we have WND books and videos and films and audio and so much more!

I suspect WND has blossomed into a broad maturity to an extent that even Joseph didn’t fully envision. Who did? What WND was doing hadn’t been done before, so each day broke new ground in the concept of making news and information and the story behind the story, freely available to the public.

Since its launch, WND has expanded into a news source with the courage to challenge its readers to think, to seek the truth and to use that knowledge in their lives as individuals and citizens of a free country. What began essentially as an “online newspaper” has grown to international proportions as an information source. But there’s more to WND than its Internet reach.

It’s than just “news.” It has a mission to present truth, scope, depth, connections, background and perspective. Readers not only get the facts, they get the story behind the story and they get the views of host of commentary writers from a broad perspective of experience.

Having grown up in a home where politics was the talk of the day, where news was key, where newspapers, magazines and books reigned, I revel in the scope of information available on WND.

My parents would not have believed that, at the touch of a key, they could read virtually any newspaper from anywhere in the world, every day! I believe it, but it still amazes me.

When Joseph Farah expressed interest in my news and broadcast background and invited me to write commentaries for WorldNetDaily, I was thrilled and flattered. Having an experienced newsman inviting me to be part of this new WND family was, and remains, an honor.

I have been writing my Monday commentaries on a wide array of subjects for 16 years without missing a day, and I continue to be amazed at the depth and breadth of reader response. They share their joys and tears, their anger and frustrations, and they honor me with their confidence that I can make a difference.

A main theme, particularly when I write on a subject that the mainstream either ignores or diminishes, is that readers thank me for being a voice for them, for the issue and for those who are forgotten because of politics and bias.

That’s the real honor and, while I don’t feel worthy of that kind of praise, I’m proud I can do my part to spread the truth about issues that are at the core of our existence and necessary for our survival as individuals, a society and a country.

WND makes that possible for me and all the other writers and reporters and for all the readers across the world.

As WND celebrates its 18th anniversary, I toast the vision and hard work of Joseph and Elizabeth Farah and everyone involved in building and managing WND every day! Thank you!

Happy Birthday and congratulations! The future can only be better!

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