One man’s hatred of God and Christianity is a significant part of the reason that America’s education system now is faltering, according to an international journalist and education expert.

“It’s amazing how clear [John Dewey] was on his real agenda,” said Alex Newman in a recent radio interview with “Freedom Friday With Carl Gallups.” “First of all, he wanted to get God out of the schools. He wanted to destroy the faith of the American people and abolish Christianity.”

Dewey was an early 20th century progressive education reformer. His ideas were influential in forming the modern American school system. But Newman, coauthor of “Crimes of the Educators,” views him as the chief villain in a decades-long plot to dumb down the American population, paving the way for socialism.

“[Dewey] wanted to move the United States away from what he considered to be an individualistic, constitutional republic where people are free to do as they like and worship God – the Christian nation that we had – and he wanted to move us more to kind of a Soviet-type system,” Newman said.

Newman pointed out Dewey was one of the signers of the first Humanist Manifesto in 1933. The first plank of the manifesto states humanists “regard the universe as self-existing and not created,” which stands in direct conflict with the Christian belief that “in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

Dewey’s unbelief, his wish to dumb down American children and his desire for socialism were all closely related, according to Newman.

“He knew that the Christian underpinnings of this society and the widespread literacy and intelligence and just the power of this nation that had been so blessed would make it impossible to take over the United States as other nations had fallen, with armed force,” Newman said. “So he said, ‘You know what? We’ll hollow out the foundations. We’ll dumb down the students very slowly.'”

Before Dewey’s time, American education was highly effective, Newman claimed, and it helped reinforce Christianity.

In fact, the Bible was considered a school textbook in many locations.

“Education in the United States had always been about reading the Bible and understanding the Bible and understanding Scripture, and this is clear even if you go back to the colonies and look at the earliest education laws we had,” Newman said.

He pointed to the Old Deluder Satan Act, passed in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1647, which ordered every town with a certain number of households to set up a public schoolhouse to teach the children to read and write. The goal was to protect the residents from “that old deluder, Satan” whose goal was “to keep men from the knowledge of the Scriptures.”

That was then. Now, according to Newman, high literacy is not a major priority of the education establishment. A 1993 study from the National Center for Education Statistics found 46 to 51 percent of American adults were barely literate.

The show host, Gallups, reasoned that the large proportion of Americans who can’t read well probably don’t like to read and, therefore, don’t read much. That doesn’t bode well for society, he said.

“If you can create a culture like that, then you’ll create a society that won’t or can’t read, or cannot deductively reason and understand documents like the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Word of God, the things that our nation is structured upon and founded upon; and in that way, then, the elite can do what they want with the useful idiots,” said Gallups, author of “Final Warning: Understanding the Trumpet Days of Revelation.”

Newman agreed, adding that Dewey wanted to downplay the importance of literacy and focus on turning children into social animals that would work for the common good. The effects, said the author, have been catastrophic.

“The kids cannot read their founding documents anymore,” Newman said. “They can’t read the Word of God. They can’t think critically, and they rely almost exclusively on the government schools and the mainstream media for their information, and the fruits of this are obvious now. Our society’s falling apart all around us.”

But the dumbing-down agenda is not limited to the United States, according to Newman. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has created a “World Core Curriculum” that downplays the importance of literacy and focuses on making children “happy, fulfilled, universal human beings,” according to curriculum author Robert Muller.

“This is a global agenda,” Newman said. “It’s extremely sinister. They want to dumb down the American people and all of humanity for the purpose of attacking the word of God and building kind of a global society, they like to call it, and this is going to be an absolute nightmare.”

Newman warned parents they had better wake up and resist this agenda by pulling their kids out of public schools. He recommends either homeschooling or finding a good Christian school. If neither of those options are available, Newman says parents must at least opt their children out of Common Core testing.

“The government schools are destroying the children,” Newman warned. “Common Core is going to accelerate this, and the agenda is unimaginably sinister, and so people need to take action.”


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