It’s annoying when you tell people what’s coming and they don’t listen, then forget when it actually happens.

I know. I’ve been there many times.

For instance, I’ve been warning about the federalization and militarization of local and state police forces since the early 1990s, long before was born 18 years ago. I provided facts, data and explanations of why it was such a dangerous trend. Nobody listened. Today, when the trend is so far advanced, and virtually irreversible, everyone is noticing. But no one recalls the early warnings or who issued them.

Then in 2008, presidential candidate Barack Obama issued an extremely alarming and mysterious statement during a campaign stop. No one noticed. I even waited days to allow others an opportunity to see what I saw. It didn’t happen. So I wrote about it. Slowly but surely, everyone noticed, but no one credited the guy that brought it to their attention. Then, in the aftermath of Baltimore, Al Sharpton reiterated Obama’s words as a solution to police-brutality claims – and it was back in the news, once again. Now many people began to see the warning clearly; they just forgot who first brought it to the public’s attention.

Is this a woe-is-me pity party? Maybe it sounds that way. But it’s not. I provide these examples not on my behalf, but on someone else’s.

Because I know how it feels to be that voice crying in the wilderness, I want to point out that my friend Michael Savage very recently wrote a best-selling book called “Stop the Coming Civil War.” It came out just last fall – long before Baltimore and the urban riots and unrest spreading like wildfire across the country. With great precision he told us what was coming. People did listen. They bought his book in droves, as one would expect given his stature as a national talk-radio star. But they still haven’t put 2+2 together. I haven’t heard Savage’s foresight mentioned once in the cacophony of discussion and debate about what’s happening. I haven’t seen the media clamoring to interview Savage to get his point of view or to ask how he saw it coming.

So that’s the purpose of this commentary.

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Savage speaks for millions of Americans. That’s why he is so successful on radio and as an author. But, in America’s popular culture and media circus, he’s like a forgotten man. Except for the millions who listen to him and eagerly buy his books, he’s practically invisible as far as the rest of the media are concerned. Worse yet, his point of view is systematically blocked from the national discussion. He’s one of the best and most prominent examples of what happens when political correctness runs amok.

Last fall, when his book came out, few in politics and the media would have suggested or agreed with his premise that America was on the verge of a civil war. Today it is mentioned with increasing frequency – even by those fomenting it.

Today we hear that what happened in Ferguson and Baltimore was not rioting. It was a righteous, rational response, an “uprising” against injustice. This is just what Savage foresaw and prophesied.

It’s a good story, but those in control of the media don’t see it that way. Their warped news judgment and political ideology don’t allow them to acknowledge it or give credence to him. He’s a pariah for noticing that the king is not wearing clothes.

Someone has to say it.

So I will.

Thank you, Michael Savage, for blaring the alarm so loud and clear.

If we don’t notice or understand what’s happening around us, it’s not your fault. And I’m glad to say, though it’s difficult to take any satisfaction from it, it’s not mine, either.

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