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Texas fails to pass anti-'gay'-marriage bill

Texas lawmakers mulled another same-sex marriage bill.

The Texas House of Representatives was unsuccessful in a legislative bid to pass the Preservation of Sovereignty and Marriage Act, a measure that would bar “gay” couples from marrying, even if the Supreme Court ruled in June in favor of same-sex unions.

The Republican-led bill sought to prohibit any state or local government workers from recognizing, granting or upholding same-sex marriages within their jurisdictions, MSNBC reported. The measure also would have prevented any taxpayer funds going toward “an activity that includes the licensing or support of a same-sex marriage,” the news outlet said.

Texas already has a law that bans males from marrying males, and females from marrying females. So some saw the legislation as duplicative and unnecessary.

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But the Supreme Court’s looming decision threw “gay”-marriage opponents in the state into a sort of panic, and they sought to quickly pass legislation that would moot any decision coming from the court.

Legal analysts said even if the bill had passed, it would have quickly ended up on court dockets as a constitutional challenge. Still, supporters said that until a challenge were launched, the measure would have been the law of the state.

The bill was only one of 20-plus measures in the state legislature dealing with LGBT rights.

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Republican Rep. Cecil Bell, bill sponsor, said: “From my perspective, no bill is dead as long as there are other bills in front. You just have to find something that’s germane. That session still moves on,” the Texas Tribune reported.

The bill, HB 4105, was 23 votes short of passage.