For many years, there has been a growing opposition within liberal churches and theologies toward the state of Israel. This opposition is rooted in an interpretation of the Bible which views the church as having replaced or “fulfilled” Israel in God’s prophetic purposes. In recent years, this replacement theology and opposition to Israel has taken hold in many evangelical churches as well. Of particular concern is how fast alliances have been forged with secular, political and non-Christian religious groups in what can only be described as a mounting anti-Israel crusade.

There’s now an alarming increase of false doctrine regarding Israel. Large populations of people are being deceived into thinking Israel must give up the right to her God-given land. More and more Christians and denominational networks are falling headlong into this treacherous heresy and ignoring the fact that the Bible is very clear and straightforward regarding Israel’s ownership of the land.

One glaring example of dangerous anti-Israel heresy being propagated on a very large scale is the “Christ at the Checkpoint” conference held in Bethlehem at Bethlehem Bible College. The “stated” purpose of this gathering of Christians is to bring reconciliation between Arabs and Jews. But the true agenda of this disinformation machine, as with so many anti-Zionist and anti-Israel front groups, is to spout a sophisticated double-talk and rhetoric that is both anti-Israel and anti-Semitic. It is smooth, enticing and seductive, while focusing on themes like “compassion for the Palestinians” and so-called “humanitarian” causes.

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The platform of the conference is an anti-Israel manifesto that promotes the international “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” (BDS) movement against Israel and attacks Christian Zionism as “a crime and a sin defying the core of the Gospel.”

Special guest Joseph Farah, the CEO of WND.com, recalled Hal Lindsey’s controversial book, “The Road To Holocaust,” an early challenge to Christians embracing replacement theology. “Back then,” he said, “I didn’t even realize it was a problem, but today you can see that it has even infected the evangelical church.”

Farah had naively assumed that the church had a thorough biblical understanding of their Hebrew roots. “Without those roots,” said Mr. Farah, “our faith has no legitimacy.”

Another guest on Focus On Israel, radio talk show host and author Dennis Prager, expressed his concern for how churches have rejected and boycotted Israel in the name of Christ. “How ludicrous it would be if Jesus had taught his followers to divest from Israel,” Mr. Prager said.

One more voice is echoing concern for informed awareness. Dr. Larry Poland, founder and CEO of Mastermedia International, a ministry to the top leadership of film and television in Hollywood, pointed out, “The Jewish community is deeply concerned with the erosion of support for Israel among Bible believing conservative Christians. The destructive nature of the rhetoric of the evangelical left is not rooted in balance or in truth.”

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