Hillary Clinton’s most recent financial disclosure report indicates that she and Bill raked in well over $25 million in personal income from speaking fees during the last year and a half. That’s a huge haul; but a review of the fees indicates that there’s been a subtle change in the sources of their windfall. All of a sudden, the Clinton family’s generous benefactors in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Nigeria, China, India and Mexico seem to have gone AWOL.

Could that have anything to do with Hillary’s changed status? Looks like the big bucks in foreign speaking fees dried up the day she walked out of Foggy Bottom. Their favorite sheiks, princes and kings are nowhere to be found.

The Clintons pocketed a lot less money from their foreign backers – several million less than 2012. And there’s also been a big change in Bill’s modus operandi. He traveled to only three foreign speeches in 2014-15, compared to 16 in 2012. While Bill circled the globe non-stop in 2012, Hillary’s last year in office, he stayed close to home more recently, traveling only to Stockholm for a food festival and Amsterdam and Germany for speeches. That’s a big switch from 2012, when he traveled to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Nigeria, Mexico, Costa Rica, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Brazil, France, Australia and Amsterdam. No more photos of Bill with dictators and foreign backdrops.

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Of course, there were still a few foreign hosts who continued to invite Bill and Hillary. Most of them came from Canada. The Clinton’s Canadian mining pals, who are huge supporters of the Keystone Pipeline, came through strongly once again. Frank Giustra, who has pledged more than $131 million to the Clinton Foundation, is always eager to help the Clintons build up their personal bank accounts. He’s introduced the Clintons to lots of other Canadian business associated and allies who have happily paid both Clintons huge speaking fees. (Frank’s the one who runs the secret Canada Clinton Foundation that failed to disclose the names of donors of millions of dollars.)

Hillary gave more speeches in Canada than anywhere else since she left the State Department. The trips were worth it. Her total take from Canadian entities was $1.6 million. One speech was sponsored by the Canadian Royal Bank of Commerce. Despite its illustrious sounding name, the bank was fined $80 million by the SEC for its role in manipulating the financials of Enron Corporation. One if its directors is Gordon Griffin, who was Bill Clinton’s ambassador to Canada. Now he’s a lobbyist for the Keystone Pipeline. But, remember, Hillary won’t say a word about the pipeline. Not a word. (Not since she said that the State Department would likely approve it.) Bill, of course, has publicly endorsed it.

Hillary’s also spoken to the Montreal Board of Trade, Canada 2020, a think tank, and at five events organized by iPublicInc, which paid her a total of over $900,000. iPublicInc is an event organizer that produces events, secures sponsors and sells tickets. It’s impossible to figure out if there were any corporate sponsors of those events or who they might have been.

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Bill picked up a Canadian speech for $225,000 from the mega-lobbying firm of Hogan Lowells in Canada. The firm represents mining businesses and gas and oil companies in the U.S. Congress, including Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, Petróleos de Venezuela, which was founded when Chavez nationalized the private oil companies in Venezuela.

And, finally, Bill spoke to the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center in Toronto for $275,000.

Total take for the Clintons from Canada 2014-2015: $2.2 million. (In the combined years since he left the Oval Office, their total take was over $8 million.)

Total other foreign speaking fees for the Clintons, 2014-2015: $1,375,000.

Total foreign speaking fees for the Clintons, 2012: $5.9 million.

So Bill and Hill should be able to cobble together enough to pay the bills, but their foreign friends have all but disappeared. And this was not a self-imposed policy of the Clintons. It looks like they just don’t have as much to offer those fancy foreign friends.

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