Around the turn of the 20th century, a young Christian man with an entrepreneurial spirit by the name of Joseph Farah left Lebanon with dreams of what he could do and how he could live in the New World of America.

About the same time, a young girl by the name of Alexandra Kurdock, with a similar background, left her home in Damascus, Syria, with her three brothers, Joseph, Robert and George, with similar ideas.

Joseph Farah and Alexandra Kurdock met in Paterson, New Jersey, after passing through Ellis Island for their new home. They got married, started a variety of businesses, worshipped freely in their new land with its strong Christian heritage and commitment to freedom of religion and human rights. They had a son they named John, who became my father. Meanwhile, Alexandra’s brothers started electrical contracting, plumbing and engineering businesses and prospered. They lived the American dream.

America has changed dramatically in the last 100 years. Back then, immigrants from the Middle East were nearly all Christians, most of whom were looking for a country in which they wouldn’t be dominated and oppressed by a population of largely Muslims who often treated non-Muslims like second-class citizens. They didn’t come to America to “fundamentally transform” it. Rather, they came to assimilate, learn the language, adapt to the culture, obey the laws, raise families, build businesses, pay taxes and live in freedom.

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As the grandson of Joseph Farah and Alexandra Kurdoch, I wonder where I can go to live out that dream out – or where my children and grandchildren might be able to go.

I thought about this as I read the latest story in WND about plans to flood America with tens of thousands “refugees” from my family’s old homeland – nearly all of them Sunni Muslims.

Keep in mind, throughout the Arab world Sunni Muslims are not in the minority. They are the majority. Even in Syria they are in the majority. To generalize further, they are not religiously oppressed victims. More often than not, they are doing the oppressing. In Syria, for instance, a government that generally protects religious minorities is under siege by Sunni Muslims led by the bloodthirsty ISIS, which has actually succeeded in making the Sunni al-Qaida terrorists look moderate by comparison.

Those attempting to conquer Syria and turn it into a jihadist, Shariah-compliant hellhole are all Sunni. So, first I have to ask myself why 93 percent of the “refugees” Democratic politicians in America are recruiting to the U.S. are Sunnis. It would be like recruiting Nazi “refugees” from Germany during World War II instead of Jews. The numbers of these so-called “refugees” from Syria are disproportionately Sunnis, even when considering the heavy percentage of the Sunni population there.

What’s behind this madness?

If we want to be a land of compassion to real refugees, I’m all for it. But that’s not the case here. We’re opening up American not to the victims, but to the oppressors. It’s not Sunnis who are being beheaded by ISIS. They represent the only group not being beheaded. ISIS is conducting a scorched-earth policy against Shiites, against Christians and against other religious minorities.

So one must ask, who are these Sunni “refugees”? And why are the U.S. and the U.N. clamoring to save them and from whom? And why is no one doing anything for the real refugees of Syria – the Christians and other minority groups who are facing extinction?

As for me and my offspring – my children and grandchildren – where will we go when America completely loses connection with its Christian roots and heritage? What new world can we dream about as America’s new god of multiculturalism self-immolates in its suicidal embrace of Islam? Where will you go?

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