Each year at the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) convention, Proclaiming Justice To The Nations (PJTN), provides important pro-Israel information and media to the over 2000 attending broadcast professionals. Due to PJTN’s presence at the annual NRB convention, over 500 million people in 200 countries have viewed PJTN’s programs and documentaries. In just over six years, PJTN has achieved a global leadership role in the Christian media world through its NRB connections.

During the convention, PJTN hosts its annual Ed McAteer Tree of Life Award to recognize Christian media leaders for their steadfast commitment to defending Israel and the Jewish people. This year’s award was bestowed on Former U.N. ambassador John R. Bolton.

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Ambassador Bolton is a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, a Fox News contributor and a passionate pro-Israel voice in the world today. In his keynote address, Bolton stated that “our friends around the world are worried about us. They’re worried about our resolve and our continued commitment to provide the basis for international stability … while our adversaries are delighted by what they see. American weakness inspires our adversaries to take advantage of us. International terrorism is on the increase and seems to have no limit.”

Ambassador Bolton cautioned about the even greater threat of a weak agreement with Iran over their nuclear weapons program. The spread of nuclear, as well as chemical and biological weapons, is far more possible today than ever before. “The late Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon warned of what he called a ‘nuclear holocaust,'” Bolton said. “It wouldn’t take many nuclear weapons and then there is no Israel.”

Bolton went on to say that the threat of Iran’s nuclear weapons program is global in scope; thus it is not Israel’s responsibility, but America’s. He feels that America has spent years avoiding the problem.

For example, when the Israel Defense Forces destroyed a nuclear reactor under construction in Syria in December of 2007, it was Israel that discovered and destroyed it, not the U.S. The reactor was constructed by North Korea, and Bolton believes that North Korea and Russia are also materially supporting Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons.

Ambassador Bolton made this obvious conclusion: “If the idea is to stop Iran from having a nuclear weapons capability, they should be precluded from having any uranium enrichment capability or infrastructure, period. The fate of the region, as well as the entire world is at stake, a fate that soon could be in the hands of a hostile state.”

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