After this week’s outing of white-black NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal, the left has found itself in a tough position.

The sophisticated leftist says you may be whatever you wish, and change that on a whim. First, being part of a hyphenated minority group was brave. Next, proclaiming your sexual preference to the world was courageous. Then, changing your gender based on how you feel was true enlightenment. Soon, changing your race on a whim will be the natural progression of human evolution.

All of these politically correct stances on race, gender and sexuality are backfiring on the left. Here are seven reasons why racists, sexists, homophobes, bigots and zealots should vote Democrat:

1) If Bruce becoming Caitlyn is OK, then why isn’t it OK for Rachel Dolezal (or anyone) to become black, and reap the minority benefit package, if that is how they identify? Just think! If Scott Walker becomes president, we could have the first lesbian black woman in the White House! Who would be against that? Wouldn’t those who refuse to endorse that, be racist or sexist? Let’s just go with both: racist and sexist!

2) If we are re-defining marriage, how far do we go? When my husband was a state senator, a man was lobbying for the right to marry his horse using the redefinitions of marriage. What about NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association? It has been left out of all the liberal fun. But not for long! So, where is the line? Can we define marriage as between one man and two women? One woman and her horse? A man and his dog? Why do you discriminate? Who are you to say that someone can’t commit to their beloved/beloveds? Love is love, right? Homophobe!

3) If government should prevent you from consuming salt and soda pop, then shouldn’t it ban welfare recipients from buying cookies, candy, alcohol, soda pop and salt with their welfare money? What? You are for killing poor people with poor nutrition? Hater!

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4) If the government wants to ban gun ownership because guns end up in the hands of criminals, then shouldn’t the government ban cars? Many more are killed in cars and buckets than with guns. Don’t you think we should ban these dangerous items? Zealot!

5) If the government wants to say that we need no ID to vote, then shouldn’t we be able to drive, fly, enter a bar, use a credit card, etc., without ID? I mean, no one should really have a right to demand we prove our identity. If I feel like a registered voter on Election Day, shouldn’t I be allowed to vote? Bigot!

6) If it’s OK for Muslims to blow stuff up for speaking (or drawing) ill of Muhammad, then what exactly should be done to those who discriminate against Christians and Jews? I am asking. Christians and Jews should just tolerate while Muslims are excused? Xenophobe!

7) While we are all wrapped up in our fluffy pink tolerance blanket, don’t even try to tell me my son (who may decide he isn’t comfortable with his gender) can’t go in your daughter’s locker room, join your girls’ sports team to replace (or brutalize) your daughter, or compete in the women’s Olympics! Sexist!

The liberal logic has finally reached the tipping point. The feminist fantasy has finally imploded! The statist agenda has rolled right over and exposed its tender little underbelly!

The “success” of the feminist movement has resulted in the distinct possibility that as we progress down their road to Gomorrah, a natural-born woman may literally never win another Olympic title. It’s game over for women’s athletics. The Caitlyn Jenners of the world stand a much better advantage of beating out any woman who will ever compete. Congratulations, feminists! Got your bow all in a tangle now, don’t you?

The “success” of the leftist multiculturalists has resulted in minorities, who may actually need the benefits afforded them by their “racial disadvantage” are available to anyone who “feels black” (or Latino, or any other “disadvantaged race” member). That means I can fill out forms as a black woman now and reap the preferences! Congratulations, race baiters! Wrap your dollar bill around that one.

The “success” of the statists has resulted in the logical deduction that poor people should not own cars, eat pizza and (if consistency prevails) it would be a violation of civil rights to ask for ID anytime, anywhere. Can’t wait to get my new elitist country club membership because I feel like a rich, white guy today! What? You didn’t know #IAmCaitlyn?

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Bruce Jenner finds his way onto the breakfast tables of America.

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