Here’s a collection of comments generated by the Supreme Court decision creating same-sex “marriage” in America:

Judicial tyrants

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, who has argued numerous cases before the Supreme Court, made a bold proposal: subjecting Supreme Court justices to elections.

“In order to provide the people themselves with a constitutional remedy to the problem of judicial activism and the means for throwing off judicial tyrants, I am proposing an amendment to the United States Constitution that would subject the Justices of the Supreme Court to periodic judicial-retention elections,” wrote Cruz.

Doesn’t upend truth

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., told WND, “No matter what, the Court’s ruling does not upend millenia of truth. Many Americans will choose to follow God’s ways rather than this Court and they should suffer no penalty for doing so.”

God forgive the court

Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, reacted with guns blazing, calling the ruling a “civilization-changing decision that destroys our nation’s heritage of Biblical marriage … May God forgive our Supreme Court majority for its arrogance and its self-apotheosis.”

Extreme judicial overreach

Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, called the decision “another example of extreme judicial overreach … If gay marriage is to be the policy of this land, that needs to be a decision made by the people through their elected representatives, not by judicial fiat.”

Support an amendment

Presidential candidate Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin said,”As a result of this decision, the only alternative left for the American people is to support an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to reaffirm the ability of the states to continue to define marriage.”

Get rid of the court

“The Supreme Court is completely out of control, making laws on their own, and has become a public opinion poll instead of a judicial body,” said presidential candidate Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, adding, “If we want to save some money, let’s just get rid of the court.”

Supreme Legislature

“The Supreme Court has become a Supreme Legislature,” declared Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala. “They have not only rewritten the laws of the 50 United States, but have redefined a sacred and ancient institution.”

Turns sense on its head

Presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., tweeted, “This decision turns both the rule of law and common sense on its head.”

Law of the land

Presidential candidate Ben Carson said he “strongly disagreed” with the decision but called it “now the law of the land.”

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Corrupt travesty

WND columnist and former presidential candidate Alan Keyes said “the demonstrated prejudice of Justices Ginsburg and Kagan make this decision a corrupt and corrupting travesty.”

Desires not laws

Congressman Jim Jordan, R- Ohio, stated, “This ruling follows what seems to be a recent trend on the Supreme Court: rulings based on the desires of the justices, and not the letter of the law and the framework of the Constitution.”

Unelected judges

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, said the court “took a vital question about the future of American society out of the public square, imposing the views of five unelected judges on a country that is still in the midst of making up its mind about marriage.”

Democracy on its head

Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho, said in a statement, “Today, a slim majority of the Supreme Court took away the right of the people of each state to define marriage. The decision turns the principles of democracy on their head.”

Court can’t define marriage

Rep. Gary Palmer, R-Ala., strongly disagreed with the decision but said it is “important to remember that in a larger sense, neither the Supreme Court nor any government entity can redefine marriage, because the definition of marriage pre-exists government.”

Respect faithful views

Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla, observed,”For people who live by the clear teaching of many different faith traditions and people who simply believe in the sanctity of marriage, it is essential that their views are respected.”

Court overrules democracy

Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., said, “It is unfortunate that the Court took it upon itself to decide for the people what was being appropriately debated and decided in the states through the democratic process.”

March toward equality

President Obama, who claimed to oppose same-sex marriage when elected in 2008, tweeted “Today is a big step in our march toward equality. Gay and lesbian couples now have the right to marry, just like anyone else. #LoveWins.”

Love is all equal

First lady Michelle Obama tweeted: “This decision recognizes the fundamental truth that our love is all equal. Today is a great day for America. #LoveWins.”


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tweeted, “Proud to celebrate a historic victory for marriage equality—& the courage & determination of LGBT Americans who made it possible.”


Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley tweeted, “So grateful to the people of MD for leading the way on this important issue of human dignity and equality under the law.”


Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders tweeted, “For far too long, our justice system has marginalized the gay community, and I am very glad the Court has finally caught up to the American people.”

Love won

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla, chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, sent an email to supporters with the subject line: “Love won.”

The right to kiss

Filmmaker Michael Moore appeared to be under the impression the court had decriminalized homosexuality, tweeting: “For those who just wanted to hold someone’s hand in public but couldn’t; for all who wanted 2 steal a kiss on a sunny day, THIS day is for u.”

50 million votes overturned

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said, “Five justices on the Supreme Court have overturned the votes of 50 million Americans and demanded that the American people walk away from millennia of history and the reality of human nature.”

God’s judgment upon America

Rev. Franklin Graham, son of Rev. Billy Graham, was polite in his dissent, saying “With all due respect to the court, it did not define marriage, and therefore is not entitled to re-define it,” but warned, “I believe God could bring judgment upon America.”

Not the final word

Dr. Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King said, “The Supreme Court has spoken and ruled from a position of common law – human law – that gay and lesbian couples have a fundamental right to marry. This is the highest rule that humans can make. Yet this is not the final word.”

Right of the people

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said, “People who disagree with the traditional definition of marriage have the right to change their state laws. That is the right of our people, not the right of the unelected judges or justices of the Supreme Court. This decision short-circuits the political process that has been underway on the state level for years.”

Redefine marriage

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said: “All human beings are created equal by God and thus deserve to be treated with love, dignity and respect. I am, however, disappointed that the Supreme Court disregarded the democratically-enacted will of millions of Americans by forcing states to redefine the institution of marriage.

Moment of demise

Rev. Dan Cummins, founder of the annual “Washington: A Man of Prayer” event, authorized by Boehner, in which lawmakers and religious leaders offer prayers in the Capitol, called the ruling “a watershed moment in democracy and the demise of the greatest nation in human history.”

Redefine gravity

Mathew Staver of Liberty Counsel said: “The court can no more redefine marriage than it can redefine gravity. That five unelected justices in black robes call same-sex unions ‘marriage’ does not change the fundamental nature of true, authentic and natural marriage.”

Collision course

Andrew Lafferty of Traditional Values Coalition said, “This ruling sets up a rather dangerous collision course between the First Amendment religious freedom and the rights of conscience vs. the newly-established ‘right to dignity’ embedded in Obergefell v. Hodges.”

Adults over children

Andrew Beckwith, president of Massachusetts Family Institute, lamented, “Tragically, the court has elevated the sexual preferences of adults over the needs of children, the constitutions of a majority of the states, and the religious freedom of all.”

Nationwide erosion

“With the Court’s decision today,” noted MFI President Emeritus Kris Mineau, “we see the completion of a nationwide erosion of the people’s right to decide for themselves what marriage is.”

Rejects history

“This morning’s ruling rejects not only thousands of years of time-honored marriage but also the rule of law in the United States,” said American Family Association President Tim Wildmon.


Author, religion and culture expert Alex McFarland said, “Today’s atrocious Supreme Court decision took the definition of marriage out of the hands of the people—and out of the Bible.”

It is appropriate

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane said, “It is appropriate that in our system of justice, we vigorously defend our Constitution in every instance and protect the civil liberties of those here at home as well.”

Inventing a right

Frank Cannon of American Principles in Action said, “By inventing a constitutional right to gay marriage, the court has now put our fundamental right to religious liberty in jeopardy.”

Court cannot erase

Janice Shaw Crouse, executive director of the World Congress of Families IX, said, “The Supreme Court cannot by dictate erase every child’s need – every child’s right – to a mother and a father.”

6,000 years of history

Texas Pastors’ Council said, “The Supreme Court has … unlawfully, in violation of 6,000 years of history and the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God, recreated the definition of marriage to be any two beings who ‘love’ each other.”

Just marriage

Sara El-Amine of Organizing for Action, “It’s just called marriage now.”

Tragic day

Linda Harvey of Mission America said, “This is a tragic day for America. By this unjust and unconstitutional decision, the rule of law in America apparently no longer applies.”

Couldn’t be prouder

Vice President Joe Biden: “Men marrying men and women marrying women are guaranteed the same civil rights and equal protection under our Constitution afforded to Jill and me, and to anyone else. We couldn’t be prouder.”

Major blow

Robert Tyler of Advocates for Faith and Freedo, said, “The structural integrity of our democratic system has received a major blow by the U.S. Supreme Court.”

Stripped of freedom

Joseph Backholm, Family Policy Institute of Washington executive director, said: “The freedom to democratically address the most pressing social issues of the day is the heart of liberty. Today, the court stripped the people of that freedom. Government should not impose their beliefs on the people.”

Battlefield shifts

Richard Land, president of Southern Evangelical Seminary, said: “Now the battlefield shifts to religious freedom. Will the progressive, totalitarian and intolerant left weaponize the government and attempt to force or compel people to affirm same-sex behavior and relationships?”

Cast aside millennia

Jim Campbell, ADF Center for Marriage and Family, said: “The court took that freedom from the people and overrode the considered judgment of tens of millions of Americans who recently reaffirmed marriage as the union of a man and a woman. The court cast aside the understanding of marriage’s nature and purpose that diverse cultures and faiths across the globe have embraced for millennia.”

So powerful

Penny Nancy of Concerned Women for America: “It is a sad day in America when nine unelected justices think themselves so powerful that they dare overturn the votes of millions of Americans who went to the voting booth to preserve marriage as it has been understood throughout history, the union between one man and one woman. For that reason, this case is about much more than marriage and will go down in history alongside other appalling Supreme Court rulings, like Dred Scott and Roe.”

I will not acquiesce

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said: “I will not acquiesce to an imperial court any more than our Founders acquiesced to an imperial British monarch. We must resist and reject judicial tyranny, not retreat.”

Imperfect record

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum: “The court is one of three co-equal branches of government and, just as they have in cases from Dred Scott to Plessy, the court has an imperfect track record. The stakes are too high and the issue too important to simply cede the will of the people to five unaccountable justices.”

The states

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said, “I believe the Supreme Court should have allowed the states to make this decision.”

Justices do not fear God

Randy Thomasson of Save California, said, “The Supreme Court got this wrong because a narrow majority of justices do not fear God and have rebelled against their promises to ‘support and defend’ the clearly written words of the U.S. Constitution, which does not contain the word ‘marriage’ but explicitly honors states’ rights.”


Kelly Shackelford of Liberty Institute said: “We will not allow people of faith to be silenced or censured because of their religious beliefs, and we appreciate that the court unanimously recognized the importance of protecting religious liberty in this area. Liberty Institute remains undeterred in our mission to defend and restore every American’s right to religious liberty.”

Court is wrong

Ray Comfort, producer of a new award-winning movie about homosexuality, said: “Only one man and one woman can be united in the institution of marriage. Since the beginning of time, that’s the only union that ‘God has joined together.’ A handful of justices may legalize the union between people of the same sex – and perhaps eventually multiple people – but redefining this as ‘marriage’ would be like me declaring that my VW Beetle is a Lamborghini. The two are nothing like each other. To believe otherwise is to deceive myself.”

Grave aberration

Steve Crampton of Thomas More Society said: “Today’s Supreme Court decision purporting to redefine the institution of marriage will be regarded by many Americans as a grave aberration that obliterates the borderline between the rule of law and policy-making. Natural marriage – the union of one man and one woman – is the foundation for a stable, fruitful civil society. Without it, societies are prone to crumble. The Constitution does not authorize the Court to redefine marriage, nor to rob the people of their right of self-governance – to debate and determine for themselves what laws will govern. This is not justice. It is sheer judicial activism and politics run amok.”

Kelly and Kelly

Jimi Obergefell, case plaintiff: “Ethan and Andrew can marry in Cincinnati instead of being forced to travel to another state. A girl named Ruby can have an accurate birth certificate listing her parents Kelly and Kelly. Pam and Nicole never again have to fear for Grayden and Orion’s lives in a medical emergency because, in their panic, they forgot legal documents that prove both mothers have the right to approve care. Cooper can grow into a man knowing Joe and Rob are his parents in all ways emotional and legal. … I can finally relax knowing that Ohio can never erase our marriage from John’s death certificate, and my husband can now truly rest in peace.”

Handful of judges

John Stemberger of Florida Family Policy Council said, “This sad day in history will forever reflect the that highest court of our land ignored the rule of law and the will of 51 million people in over 38 states in an illegitimate act of raw judicial power and arrogance.”

Unmitigated disaster

Brad Dacus of Pacific Justice Institute said, “Today’s decision is an unmitigated disaster for democracy and constitutional interpretation. Justice Kennedy did not even attempt to explain what level of scrutiny he was relying upon to invalidate state laws that reflect the millennia-old marriage tradition.”


Tim Head, the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s executive director, said, “The decision by this Supreme Court to redefine marriage contrary to global and historical understandings of the word no more settles the national debate on marriage than the Court’s Roe v. Wade decision over 40 years ago settled the national debate on abortion.”

Death of marriage

Regina Griggs, executive director of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays, said, “Today we witnessed the death of marriage as created by God. Homosexual weddings, if attended or forced to provide service to, are in reality forced affirmation – not approval – the real purpose of this lawsuit.”

Never submit

Bishop E.W. Jackson said: “The Supreme Court’s decision to create a constitutional right of ‘marriage’ between two people of the same gender will go down in history as one of the most irrational and destructive in American jurisprudential history. By doing so the court has undermined its own legitimacy, usurped a role reserved to the states, defied the will of the American people and declared war on the First Amendment, Bible believing Christians and God. … We will never submit.”

Remain steadfast

Former lesbian Janet Boynes said: “We are living in times where our faith will be tested. These are times in which we will be ridiculed for our beliefs and perhaps even incarcerated for holding the word of God as our voice of truth. As someone who has walked away from homosexuality and now has a ministry that helps men and women who desire to come out of this lifestyle, I have the responsibility to stay grounded in what I know is true. But it doesn’t stop there; you, also have the responsibility to remain steadfast without caving in to the pressures of this world. … The Supreme Court cannot redefine what they didn’t create.”

Government move against churches

Ken Ham, of Answers in Genesis, said: “Apart from a miracle of God—a special movement of God—this is going to be basically an irreversible situation. I really believe that to understand what is happening to America now, read Romans chapter 1. That is really a picture of what is going on. We’re going to see increased persecution against Christians; we’re going to see increased antagonism toward Christianity. We’re going to see the restriction of the free exercise of religion, freedom of religion, and free speech in this nation, particularly in regard to Christianity. I believe we’re going to see the government move against Christian churches, colleges, institutions and organizations that take a stand on biblical marriage as God commands us to in the Bible going back to the book of Genesis.”

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