Former Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., with "husband," James Ready

Former U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., with “husband,” James Ready

An independent undercover journalist has secretly filmed retired Rep. Barney Frank’s “husband,” James Ready, suggesting Democrats give blacks watermelons to keep their votes.

In the film posted at, other Democrats and homosexual activists express their disgust for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who, they say, is “an Oreo cookie” and doesn’t know he’s black.

The undercover footage dated May 2, 2015, was posted by Ryan Sorba, chairman of the Young Conservatives of California and author of the forthcoming book, “The ‘Born Gay’ Hoax.”

The video also shows Frank’s husband accepting what appear to be marijuana joints and stuffing them into his pocket.

Sorba has created a GoFundMe account to raise $95,000 because, he says, he wants to “use my skills as an undercover journalist to fight for socially conservative public policy for one year by exposing the chicanery and lies of the left.”

The film shows Sorba engaged in the following exchange:

Sorba: “I think we need to keep the, you know, the food stamps and the welfare running strong because it keeps the blacks in our camp. I mean, it does.”

Ready (laughing): “And menthol cigarettes.”

Sorba: “And menthol cigarettes and EBT cards, you know what I’m saying?”

Ready (laughing): “And watermelon!”

Sorba: “You’ve got a lot of these black Baptist churches that vote right wing.”

Ready: “Oh my God, yeah. And they vote against themselves, really.”

Sorba: “Yeah.”

Ready: “I know, dude. I just can’t even deal sometimes with how ridiculous, like, our species is, how we can be so incredibly smart and then so incredibly ignorant.”

The film cuts to Ready and Frank.

Ready: “We’re gonna go over a …”

Frank: “We’re gonna go to the marijuana thing.”

Sorba: “You’re going to go to the marijuana thing?”

Frank nods in agreement and gives Sorba a “high” five.

Watch Sorba’s undercover video:

Later in the clip, Sorba restates Ready’s comments and says, “Gotta give watermelon to get the blacks to vote for us [gays]. Don’t you think?”

Ready, laughing, responds, “Shhhhh!”

Sorba replies, “You can’t say that.”

Ready says, “No, I know, not out loud.”

Ryan Sorba

Ryan Sorba

A man identified as Richard Eastman, who is handing out what appears to be marijuana, declares, “Marijuana is not a crime, right. Take three of them!”

Sorba asks, “Are those real joints?”

Eastman says, “Yes they are.”

Sorba: “Wow!”

Ready says “thank you,” as the film shows him stuffing the items into his chest pocket.

Eastman says, “It’s a medical emergency. … And I’m one of the founders of medical marijuana, Richard Eastman, and I opened one of the first post shops in L.A.”

Ready turns to Eastman and says, “Thank you for your hard work.”

Sorba continues to interview various homosexual activists in the film.

He turns to California State Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin de Leon and asks: “On the question of the marriage issue, if we use watermelon, can we get Thomas to side with us on one case?”

De Leon laughs hysterically and turns to another man: “Hey, John, he’s got a good question right here!”

Sorba then encounters Greg Rodriguez, a gay activist and who is considering running for the 42nd state Assembly District in 2016.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Sorba asks, “What’s your take on Clarence Thomas, then?”

Rodriguez replies, “He’s married to a white woman. So I don’t, just, I don’t get it.”

The film cuts to an interview with a San Francisco State University professor emeritus, who says, “Does that count when you don’t know you’re black? I don’t think he knows he’s black. … Yeah, no, really, really, because he divorced his black wife, married, married a white gal, which is fine, ya know, married, ya know. And he lives in an all-white suburb. I mean, you start adding these things together and you go (shrugs) …”

The interviews continue with pro-gay activist Richard McIntyre calling Clarence Thomas “an Oreo cookie from the word go.”

Then Rep. Barney Frank – when the issue of Clarence Thomas arises – says, “Gotta wait for him to die.”

Then the clip shows several homosexual activists admitting that they’ve chosen to be gay, they were not born that way and they claim they were because it’s “the party line.”

On, Sorba explains, “Last month, I went undercover and discovered that many homosexuals attribute their orientations to molestation or other traumatic life experiences.

“While I was investigating, I heard quite a few racist comments.”

Sorba said he then began exploring the issue of homosexuality and race.

“What I found once again was shocking,” he wrote. “Although the homosexual movement has attempted to link itself to the black civil rights movement, racism still runs rampant in a community that supposedly espouses equal treatment.”

Concerned individuals may contribute to Sorba’s GoFundMe campaign here.



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