School officials in New York were red-faced after the set of diplomas they awarded a graduating class of eighth-graders were found to contain a significant spelling error.

Right across the banner of the diploma was the phrase: “NEW YORK CITY DEPARTMEMT OF EDUCATION,” rather than “DEPARTMENT.”

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“It didn’t take me very long to notice the typo,” said one parent, Nancy Gardner, whose daughter was among the 400 graduating from Robert F. Wagner Middle School on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, reported.

Another parent said the students actually received their misspelled diplomas days before the graduation ceremony, but nobody from the school sent out an apology or even explanation.

The Department of Education, meanwhile, distanced itself from the error, saying middle school diplomas are printed at the school, not departmental, level.

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Social media commenters, however, weren’t so forgiving.

“I guess they don’t get too proof reading until the 9th grade,” one poster spoofed, including his own grammatical error.

And another: “The dumb leading the dumber. Fire the Union. Dump the incompetents.”

And one more, Fox News reported: “As a retired master teacher, I can testify (and have) that earning an education degree is the easiest of all to achieve. Further, the most incompetent of those become administrators.”


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