Members of One Million Moms, a faith-based advocacy group tied to the American Family Association, is furious over a Chobani yogurt ad featuring lesbians in bed and is calling for the company to pull the TV commercial now airing in the U.S.

The ad shows a woman in bed eating the yogurt, stroking the foot of a companion laying beside her, and then standing and wrapping the sheet around her naked body before leaving the room. It’s then the viewer is shown the other nude person in the bed is not a man, like one would expect, but a woman. She smiles and the camera reveals she’s wearing a wedding ring.

One Million Moms says the ad promotes sexual sin, as well as homosexual marriage.

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“Chobani should be ashamed of their latest commercial for attempting to normalize sin by featuring two women naked in bed together,” the group wrote. “This commercial not only promotes same-sex relationships by including two lesbians, but also same-sex marriage because the two women wear matching wedding bands.”

Meanwhile, the narrator sings in the background, “To love this life is to live it naturally,” and posts the text over a shot of the ocean water and beach.


‘Steamy’ ‘Stunning’ and ‘Sexy’: Media praise lesbian Chobani yogurt commercial.

“There is nothing natural about homosexuality,” One Million Moms wrote. “What does selling yogurt have to do with gay sex? Nothing at all, but Chobani wants to make the association.”

The group then references a biblical passage, Romans 1:26-27, to support its view of homosexuality as a sin, and asks for similarly outraged Americans to call the company to petition for the ad’s removal.

“[We’re] urging them to pull this inappropriate commercial immediately and remain neutral in the culture war,” the group wrote. “Also, let Chobani know that continuing to air this ad and offensive advertisements in the future will force your family to make the decision to no longer purchase Chobani products.”

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Some national media applauded the ad. The Huffington Post called it “stunning” and “sexy,” while The New York Daily News called it, “steamy,” and “gay”-media outlets raved.

Chobani was founded in 2007 in upstate New York by Hamdi Ulukaya, a Turkish immigrant who grew up in a Kurdish dairy-farming community in eastern Turkey. He is now one of America’s richest men, his wealth estimated at $1.4 billion by Forbes.

As WND reported, world renowned Christian leader Rev. Franklin Graham told his Facebook followers to stop doing business with stores and corporations that advance unbiblical principles – that the power of the purse can be used to advance God’s will.

Graham told the Charlotte Observer he plans to compile and publicize a list of companies that feature same-sex couples in their advertising. “I want people to know,” he said.

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He wrote: “Have you ever asked yourself – how can we fight the tide of immoral decay that is being crammed down our throats by big business, the media, and that gay & lesbian community? Every day it is something else!”

And as example, he announced his own evangelical organization will cut ties with Wells Fargo because of advertising featuring lesbians.

“This is one way we as Christians can speak out,” he wrote. “We have the power of choice. Let’s just stop doing business with those who promote sin and stand against Almighty God’s laws and His standards. Maybe if enough of us do this, it will get their attention.”

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