The national debt of the United States is now well north of $18 trillion. That’s approaching $60,000 for every man, woman, child and illegal alien in the country. It is almost $8 trillion more than when Mr. Obama took office. At the rate he is spending America’s future away, he will have doubled in just two terms a national debt he had falsely stated he would reduce.

That is Mr. Obama’s real legacy. It is the dismal legacy of just about every socialist administration worldwide. The United States is now one of the most heavily indebted nations on Earth. You will never be able to repay all that debt.

Mr. Obama’s legacy is not so much a legacy as a millstone.

He would prefer to be remembered not for his massive increases in the national debt – move along, folks, move along, nothing to see here – but for his commitment to the “fight” against “global warming.”

Let us begin with a cold, hard fact about global warming. There hasn’t been any for 18 years and six months:


“Ah,” you may say, “but that’s just the air temperature of the lower atmosphere, measured by satellites. The real warming is going on in the oceans.”

So let us have another cold, hard fact about global warming. The oceans are hardly warming, either. In fact, the 3,600 automated buoys that take measurements every 10 days and report them by satellite show the rate of ocean warming as equivalent to – wait for it – just 0.23 Celsius degrees per century. Within the enormous measurement error, that is the same as no warming at all.


That is why all the boloney you hear about the oceans rising because they are warming is just that – boloney. The oceans are not really warming at all. Professor Nils-Axel Mörner, the world’s foremost expert on sea-level rise, who has written more than 600 papers on the subject in his 50-year career, estimates that sea level rose seven inches in the past century and will rise by no more than eight inches this century.

Not exactly life-threatening.

However, in Paris this December, almost 200 nations with long, solemn faces will meet to agree a treaty binding themselves to wipe out the coal industry worldwide, drastically to curtail the use of oil and gas, and effectively to shut down the economies of the West.

Mr. Obama will sign that treaty. He will sign anything that destroys the future of the nation he hates, anything that subjects the citizens of his adopted country to the brutal, stifling totalitarianism of the global “governing body” – a.k.a. fascist world government – that Paris will establish.

However, given the inconvenient truth that neither the lower atmosphere nor the upper ocean has been getting any warmer in the past decade or two, Mr. Obama has had to manufacture an excuse. It’s a lulu. It is that the pause in global warming that has now endured for almost two decades never happened.

Full steam ahead, and damn the factedoes!

Step forward Tom Karl, the relentlessly prejudiced director of the U.S. National Climatic Data Center. For “National” read “Notional.” Mr. Karl is not in the business of supplying genuine data.

He has just produced a paper, published in pScience.(Spell it with a “p,” for it isno longer a learned journal but a kooky pseudo-science trash-mag with all the academic respectability of a pop fanzine.) The paper purports to abolish the global-warming pause.

I first ran across the NCDC’s accident-prone director in a congressional hearing room in about 2009, when I was the witness for the Republicans, Karl for the Democrats. I told the committee that in the first eight years of this century, the Earth had cooled.

Rep. Joe Barton of Texas, the formidable Republican ranking member of the House climate committee, feigned astonishment. He rounded on Karl and said: “You and other officials have made repeated appearances before this committee in recent months, telling us over and over again about ‘global warming’. Not one of you has ever told us that there has been global cooling throughout the past seven or eight years. Why not? Or is Lord Monckton lying to us?”

Tom Karl, who was sitting next to me, looked as though he wished the “warming” Earth would swallow him up. He shifted from one well-padded butt-cheek to the other. He harrumphed, “Er, ah, well, that is, we wouldn’t have quite – oof – um – done the calculations that way, aaahh … We wouldn’t have averaged the anomalies from – umf – multiple datasets with different fields of coverage, err – aaagh …”

Karl was saved by the bell. (Perhaps he saw himself in the role of Screech to my Zack Morris in the hit ’90s teen TV series). A division was called and proceedings were suspended while members shuffled out to vote.

While the committee members were doing their democratic duty, Tom Karl turned to me and hissed, “How do you expect to be taken seriously?”

“I don’t,” I said. “I expect the data to be taken seriously.”

The committee members murmured back into the hearing room and took their seats. Joe Barton snapped, “Both of you had better write to this committee informing it of how you reached your mutually incompatible conclusions about whether there has been cooling over the past seven or eight years.”

I was quick off the mark, sending the committee a letter that week pointing out that each of the datasets individually showed the cooling. I had particular pleasure in pointing out that Karl’s own NCDC dataset showed it:



Karl sent a testy reply to the committee saying that the mere data were not relevant. Eight years was too short a period to draw any conclusion, yada yada.

What he could not quite bring himself to admit was that he had been wrong in suggesting there had been no global cooling from 2001-2008. His own dataset showed it.

Perhaps Karl is still smarting over his public humiliation at the hands of a layman. For he has now taken leave of his senses altogether. He has had a go at repealing the laws of thermodynamics.

There has been no warming above the surface and precious little below it. Yet Mr. Obama’s faithful poodle says that in the past 15 years, from 2000-2014, global warming at the Earth’s surface has continued, though only at the not particularly alarming rate of a ninth of a degree per decade.

In 1990, the IPCC’s central business-as-usual prediction for the medium term was equivalent to almost a third of a degree per decade. On any view, then, the poodle’s paper is an admission that the models have been exaggerating by well over double.

But here is the obvious question. Where is the poodle’s surface warming coming from?

It is not coming from above, for in the lower atmosphere there was no warming over the 11-year period 2004-2014 (or, for that matter, over the 15-year period 2000-2014).

Four-fifths of it is not coming from below, for Karl’s paper says that from 2000-2014, the 15-year period that includes the 11 years for which we have ARGO data, the surface warming rate was equivalent to 0.116 degrees per decade – more or less exactly five times the measured ocean warming rate.

Not much is coming from the land, for Karl’s paper makes few adjustments to the rate of warming of the air above the land, which in any event accounts for only 29 percent of the Earth’s surface.

Where is the missing heat coming from? Has the Obama administration inadvertently repealed the laws of thermodynamics?

There is nothing inadvertent about it. It is absolutely essential to the party line, leading up to the Paris pifflefest, to conceal the fact that there has been no global warming statistically distinguishable from zero since the U.N.’s disastrous climate panel first reported a quarter of a century ago.

Yet Mr. Obama, instead of rejoicing that there is no global warming, sullenly presides over an administration that cynically and conveniently rewrites all data that do not fit the party line.

Mr. Obama now stands in the dismal tradition of the Nazi eugenicists, who tried to tamper with science by declaring the Aryans and the Jews were a superior and an inferior race respectively, and of the Communist Lysenkoists, who killed 20 million Soviet citizens by starvation because instead of planting seed-corn in the autumn they tried to tamper with science by soaking the seeds in water and planting them out in the spring. Result: decades of failed harvests.

Tampering with scientific data ought to be a crime. If it were, Mr. Obama’s poodle would go to doggy jail for a very long time. His paper, at any rate, is barking.

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