Obama’s race war has real consequences

By Larry Klayman

On June 17, a truly evil and racist high school dropout, Dylann Roof, shot and killed nine black Christians in one of Charleston, South Carolina’s oldest and most well-known black churches, Emanuel AME Church. Among the murdered was the Rev. Clementa Pinckney, ordained when he was 18.

There are not enough words to condemn this despicable act. As a Messianic Jew – I refer to myself as a Jewish Christian – I can try to relate a little from the history of pogroms and violence that Jews have experienced throughout the years. We cringe to hear of such tragedies.

Instantly, the gut reaction from some, such as presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, was to blame guns and try to take guns away from the citizens of this country. It is curious, however, that violent lawbreakers like this twisted racist never walk into a police station where there are lots of guns. Roof went into a church where he expected to be the only person carrying a gun.

Yet how can we ignore the climate of violence that is sharpening conflicts instead of soothing them? How can we ignore a simple truth: Barack Obama and Eric Holder created much of this atmosphere of anger, bitterness and bile with their disdain of whites and not too transparent belief and actions that we must now pay what are in effect reparations to the black community, even though this generation does not practice or advocate slavery. Obama, Holder and their enablers, like Al Sharpton, have become what they accused President George W. Bush of being: a recruiting tool for terrorists thanks to his invasion of Iraq. Obama and company’s biased actions against whites, Christians and Jews have ironically served to draw neo-Nazis and sick Klansman out of their caves and have emboldened them to try to justify criminal acts – people like Dylann Roof. Indeed, Roof was quoted as saying that he struck because blacks had “taken over the country.”

To fundamentally transform America, Obama, Holder and their fellow travelers have been implementing Saul Alinsky’s and Frank Marshall Davis’ teachings. They have been inciting one group against another group, race against race and class against class.

President Abraham Lincoln warned that “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” He was specifically talking about race, a nation half slave and half free. Historically, outside conquerors have ruled over large countries by keeping groups fighting against each other and throwing salt in the wounds of local grievances. To tear down traditional America, socialists and progressives must tear at old wounds.

But this is not a faculty lounge exercise. Obama’s race war, implemented in large part by the likes of Eric Holder, has real-world consequences. Real people get hurt and trampled as collateral damage in the progressive enterprise. From the small, family-owned businesses destroyed in Ferguson, Missouri, to the neighborhoods burned down in Baltimore, to the nine black church members gunned down Wednesday night in Charleston, inciting hatred between America’s races is not just a cheap “get out the vote” trick to elect Democrats.

The Democratic Party’s ownership of black voters is weakening as the failures of progressive policies in the Obama administration and the leadership of inner cities like Detroit become clear. Officials whose policies are harming minorities in America cling to power mainly by inciting this hatred. Hispanics will tell you that in the Spanish-language media they are told that white Republicans hate them – not that Hispanics shouldn’t vote Republican, but that white Republicans hate Hispanics. Where will this race-baiting politics lead? As politicians try to get votes by stirring up hatred, the hatred does not end on Election Day. And Hillary Clinton is poised to ignite a war between the sexes as a way to win the White House. The consequences will boil over in real people’s lives.

Remember when Barack Obama campaigned for the presidency, promising to be a healer among the races, a bridge who could unite and bring us all together? Clearly, by design and not by accident, Obama has fanned the flames instead.

As racists like Dylann Roof watch on the news two police officers being executed by a black man in retaliation for events in Ferguson and rioting by blacks, what affect do we expect on society? When those who burned down their own neighborhoods are not arrested, what signals does that send to the sick unbalanced minds of people like like Dylann Roof?

After the Baltimore riots, Freedom Watch filed Freedom of Information Act requests with the U.S. Department of Justice, City of Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts to explore this poisonous brew that was being cooked up in the Obama/Holder Department of Justice. I will be leading Freedom Watch to investigate:

  • whether the White House or then-Attorney General Holder pressured Baltimore, Ferguson, or Cleveland officials to “stand down” and fail to enforce the law and protect their citizens;
  • the campaign of threats and intimidation against police officers to cripple their effectiveness out of fear of being indicted and/or prosecuted for any mistake;
  • plans to use civil unrest and conflict for the federal government to slowly take control over local and state police officers, directly and indirectly;
  • efforts to get police departments to rewrite their policies and procedures to allow rioters and criminals to “vent” and “blow off steam,” and thereby become impotent. I believe that comments by Baltimore’s mayor that the police gave rioters space to destroy what they wanted to destroy are part of a policy campaign being spread throughout the country, not just an off-hand remark.
  • increases in violent crime in New York City and across the country as the U.S. Department of Justice intimidates police officers from doing their jobs;
  • pressure on local police officers by the Department of Justice not to arrest lawbreakers, rioters and protesters even when caught on camera looting businesses;
  • progressive theories being forced by the Justice Department upon police departments that the cause of violence, riots, protests and anger is the police who provoke lawbreaking by their presence;
  • contingency plans for the federal government to take direct control of police departments in crisis situations; and
  • policies and theories that those who commit crimes should not be arrested or prosecuted or should be sentenced to lower jail terms simply because they are black.

The Saul Alinsky radicals are promoting racial conflict as a means of promoting political or societal change in the United States. Creating chaos is a path that they hope will lead to tearing down our country so that a new country can be built in its place. For them it is just a cynical game of politics designed to wage their own “Bolshevik” revolution. But for the real people who are damaged or murdered, this is deadly serious business.

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