Pamela Geller was treated to a vicious Twitter campaign after Boston police revealed the terror suspect they shot and killed, Usaamah Rahim, had been initially planning to behead her for the Texas “Draw Muhammad” contest.

Instead, Rahim decided to go after police.

“I can’t wait that long,” he reportedly said, in reference to going after Geller, the FBI said in an affidavit filed in federal court, CNN reported. “[I’m going after the] boys in blue.”

The “boys in blue” was apparently a reference to police officers. Rahim, 26, was believed to be a radicalized ISIS-tied Muslim working with another suspect who was arrested, David Wright.

Geller’s response to the revelations came on CNN, during an interview with Burnett.

“They targeted me for violating Shariah blasphemy laws,” she said. “They mean to kill everyone who doesn’t do their bidding and abide by their law voluntarily.”

The interview ended on a heated note after Burnett seemed to suggest Geller enjoyed the attention she received by opposing Islam.

Burnett first told Geller the Southern Poverty Law Center labels her organization as a hate group, and her as “anti-Muslim,” in context of discussing how Geller has had to increase her security-guard presence since the “Draw Muhammad” contest.

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Burnett then asked: “Do you, on some level, relish being the target of these attacks?”

Geller reacted with disbelief.

“Who self-promotes to get killed?” she said. “Really, the Southern Poverty Law Center? Who designates them the arbiter on anything?”

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Geller then decried the SPLC’s tracking of “patriots” and “veterans,” but not of radical Islamists. And she reminded how one of their members was actually involved in the targeted attack on the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins.

“Why do you use the Southern Poverty Law Center, a notorious, uber-left, communist group to slime me, to smear me? I’m the hunted one,” Geller said. “This is incredible to me.”

Burnett, for her part, said the question was a valid one.

Twitter users jumped into the discussion, with some of the site’s more liberally minded users taking an outright vicious tone.

Nicole Bonnet, for instance, posted this: “Ignorant, narcissistic moron @PamelaGeller states SHE is ‘number one target for ISIS’ NOT Benjamin @Netanyahu. Israel is so relieved.”

Others quickly posted: “i can only WISH she was,” wrote one.

Another: “wish those guys would’ve at least gotten Geller before they were caught.”

And another, referencing Geller by her initials: “I’m having a PG beheading drawing contest. But just for fun you know.”

And this: “It’s all been a childish publicity stunt for @PamelaGeller.”

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