Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

“I think I’m gonna identify as skinny. That way I will not have to ever go on a diet.”

That was Rush Limbaugh’s reaction to revelations that NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal had been masquerading as African-American because she “felt” black.

Limbaugh, who has had issues with his weight over the years, went on: “Now, in the old days, people’s reaction to that would be to call me delusional and maybe think I needed some help. Today, I’m brave. It’s a courageous act to identify as skinny when one is not. I’m sure I will get accolades all across Twitter and accolades all across Facebook (Free audio).”

Limbaugh also responded to the capture of the suspect in the horrific mass shooting at a Charleston, South Carolina church.

“You know that the left and the drive-bys are out now trying to hunt a Tea Party connection. You know that’s happening,” he said to his audience, while also noting President Obama’s reaction during his press conference: “He’s got that Clinton lip thing going, a frowning with a downward smile, which is a very hard thing to do, by the way. And his point is guns. He made it plain. He said, ‘Once again, once again something horrific happens because of how easy it is to get a gun in the United States,’ and then he said that things like this do not happen in other advanced countries (Free audio).”

Michael Savage

“The fake black, Rachel Dolezal, has quit as the head of the NAACP in Spokane,” Savage informed his audience shortly after Dolezal’s resignation.

He compared her with transsexual Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, who has been in the news at the same time: “She’s white but she says she ‘felt black,’ just like we have a fake woman who is really a man and the media gushed all over him.”

Savage added that in many respects, Dolezal was just an extreme manifestation of the “fakery” that makes up so much of the racial grievance industry: “She pushed the black liberation movement and the fake social justice movement – all the communist garbage that you’ve been putting up with from this organization and those like it. It’s all come from fakers like her, who are doing it for personal gain. They’re using race as a weapon against America. … Is it time for the NAACP to move on? (Free audio)”

Later in the week, Savage noted that, “Everywhere you look you see the cultural and societal degradation of America.”

He blamed much of this erosion on immigration from nations that don’t share America’s values: “Part of that is the flooding of America with Muslim and other immigrants who will never assimilate. Show me how the Somali community in Minnesota has assimilated. Ask yourself why Obama is dumping so many Muslims in all-white Christian communities. He’s doing it to bust up the Christian communities, because the man is the devil. Obama and his minions are the devils themselves. (Free audio)”

Aaron Klein

Aaron conducted an exclusive interview with Abu Al-Ayna al-Ansari, a leader of a Salafi group in the Gaza Strip that is allied with Islamic State ideology.

During the interview, Al-Ansari declaring ISIS will not stop until its flag is raised over the White House. “I call you to follow Islam,” he continued, “and I call you not to confront the Muslims because there is no choice but to see Islam ruling all around the world.”

Plus: Kleins’s news-making interview with controversial Princeton ethicist Dr. Peter Singer has now prompted protests against Singer and Princeton. About 70 disability-rights activists marched on the campus last Wednesday to demand the resignation of the famed ethics professor for contending during a radio interview with Klein that it is “reasonable” for government or private insurance companies to deny treatment to severely disabled babies. Throughout the interview, Singer repeatedly referred to a disabled infant as “it.”

Listen to Aaron Klein’s show every week on radio (AM 970 The Answer in NY; NewsTalk 990 AM in Philly) or online.

Laura Ingraham

Ingraham says that if Rachel Dolezal was a conservative, she’d be subject to much more criticism.

“There will be every exception and every accommodation made for an individual who is not being honest if that individual happens to be a liberal,” she said this week.

“If Rachel had been more right-of-center in her political views and tried to pull this thing off, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, the entire racial huckster crowd, would be all over her. But she signs from their choir book, so she gets the accommodation (Free audio).”

This week, Ingraham’s guests included Joshua Green (“Bush and Clinton have almost identical profiles, especially inside Washington”); Sen. Mike Lee (“I think its very important for the American people to read the trade agreement, there is no reason this should be classified”); Craig Shirley: (“The apple doesn’t fall from the tree. For Jeb to say he was a conservative governor of Florida isn’t hard”); and Rosemary Jenks (“The action to stop temporary guest workers in Obamatrade has to come from Paul Ryan or Orrin Hatch”) (Free audio).

Glenn Beck

After the massacre in Charleston, Beck announced he would be traveling to the South Carolina city immediately.

He made the announcement on Facebook, which read in part: “Let’s gather tomorrow and show this community that they are loved. Let us prop their arms up and pray together for this amazing community.”

Earlier in the week, on a lighter note, Beck took up the story of Rachel Dolezal to jokingly ask if he could refer to himself as “a white guy trapped in Asian body (Free audio).”

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