Setting straight a gay hair-splitter

By Michael Brown

One of the main reasons I believe the gay revolution has within itself the seeds of self-destruction (as I will argue in my forthcoming book) is that some of its principle tenets are based on deception and falsehood. When enough people realize they have been duped, there will be a strong backlash. That’s why we must keep putting out the truth, regardless of how much we will be ridiculed.

A jarring case in point comes from Timothy Kincaid, a gay blogger with BoxTurtleBulletin, which is supposed to function as a gay watchdog site.

In his May 27 article titled, “Michael Brown lies about Irish vote,” he writes, “as is becoming more and more the case with anti-gay activists, honesty holds little currency. And it appears to me that Michael Brown has taken the step from truth-spinner and fact-bender to blatant liar.”


Before addressing his specific charges, we can gain a good idea of Kincaid’s accuracy by reviewing some of his other writings.

To cite just one example, he said this last year: “Brown is the pastor in Charlotte, N.C., who for years led a red-shirted mob to witness to attendees at the local gay pride. He used the opportunity of the massacre at a gay youth center in Tel Aviv to complain the Proposition 8 supporters had received ‘death threats.’ He railed against programs designed to reduce anti-gay bullying. And then I stopped paying attention.”

This is pure fantasy.

First, I’m not a pastor.

Second, the so-called “red-shirted mob” consisted of fine Christian men, women and children, including grandmas and grandpas, who, at our last outing at a Charlotte gay pride event (in 2011), distributed 2,500 bottles of water marked, “Jesus loves you” – all with smiles and all without a single incident of harassment of any kind. (See pictures of some of the “mob.”)

As a local gay activist told me over dinner one year later, he and his friends considered our actions “the gold standard” for Christians who differed with their event.

The local police, with whom we met in the past and to whom we showed our code of conduct, which was required of anyone who was part of our event, also commended the spirit of our actions, wishing that people in other cities would follow our lead.

But why let the facts get in the way of a juicy narrative meant to instill fear?

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Third, I was actually the very first person (or one of the very first) outside of Israel to condemn publicly the killings at the gay youth center in Tel Aviv, and the condemnation was unequivocal. And for that I get condemned.

Fourth, I constantly speak against LGBT bullying, but I believe that one can teach that bullying is bad without having to teach that gay is good.

Returning to the recent accusation about lying concerning the Ireland vote, Kincaid notes that, “[Brown] presents a letter that he claims [my emphasis] is from ‘a woman who supports our ministry and lives in Ireland.'”

The letter in question was sent to our website and forwarded to me, and yes, the woman is one of our monthly supporters, and yes, she lives in Ireland (and no, I’m not publishing her name and subjecting her to the vile attacks that often come the way of those who oppose gay activism).

So, the worst crime I could have committed was that I cited her letter at length – which, I’m pleased to say, is getting a lot of attention, through the article – only to find out there was an inaccuracy in it. For Kincaid, though, that makes me a blatant liar.

Unfortunately, the facts (once again) are against him.

It is noteworthy that Kincaid does not dispute the rest of the contents of the letter, which are shocking and disturbing indeed. Instead, he disputes the writer’s claim that, “American billionaire, Chuck Feeney alone contributed over $24 million” to the campaign to redefine marriage in Ireland.

Kincaid acknowledges that Feeney’s funds in the past “may have gone to various groups, but none went to the Yes Campaign.”

He adds, “Now Brown and others may say that this is splitting hairs, a mere technicality. They might argue that because Mr. Feeney funded organizations that advocate for marriage equality, he is funding the campaign in a more general sense. He’s not actually funding buttons and flyers and posters, maybe, but he’s helping fund groups that are pro-gay so it’s all the same really.”

Not only is this hair-splitting, but it has been clearly documented that the push to redefine marriage in Ireland goes back more than a decade, with much of the groundwork laid by Atlantic Philanthropies, through which Feeney donated millions.

As stated in their report, “Catalysing LGBT Equality and Visibility in Ireland. A review of LGBT cluster grants, 2004-2013,” during this 10-year period, Atlantic Philanthropies gave $17 million to changing public perception about homosexuality in Ireland – and note again that this was only through 2013.

Without this decade-long effort (which Kincaid cannot possibly believe was not part of a larger plan, leading up to the “Yes” campaign), it is almost certain that Ireland would not have voted 62 to 38 percent to redefine marriage.

This is what my Irish supporter was trying to convey when she wrote, “We tried so hard to prevent it, but were up against every political party and up against millions of U.S. dollars that were being poured into the yes campaign. American billionaire, Chuck Feeney alone contributed over $24 million.”

Again, without massive American funding over a period of more than 10 years, the campaign would likely have failed.

Jesus spoke of those who strained out a gnat (from their drinking glass) but swallowed a camel, and sadly, that’s exactly what Timothy Kincaid has done with his hair-splitting protest ultimately confirming the very point we were making: Large amounts of money from gay donors in America helped pave the way to redefine marriage in Ireland.

And so, for presenting the truth, we are called liars. So be it. We won’t stop. Truth will triumph in the end.

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