A blogger has taken a video camera undercover and has discovered that not even a sometimes progressive, often liberal member of the U.S. Supreme Court bench is far enough left to satisfy some Democrats and their demands for same-sex “marriage.”

This is known because on the video they say they want Justice Anthony Kennedy gone.

Ryan Sorba describes himself as an author, columnist and conservative activist who now is serving as chairman of the Young Conservatives of California.

The video location or time wasn’t identified, but it appears to be a reception. On the video is Rep. Barney Frank, an openly homosexual former member of Congress, saying, “Kennedy has actually written three very good LGBT decisions … but I’d still like to replace him.”

A woman identified as California state Sen. Isador Hall said, “Let’s kick his a**.”

Another unidentified activist took a turn toward the macabre, saying, “I was just praying that he dies.”

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A woman identified as Kings County, California, Democrat Central Committee Chairwoman Cathy Jorgensen said, “Then you string him up.”

Kennedy often is the court’s swing vote when its decisions are 5-4, sometimes moving to the left, but in this case suspect because he’s also advocated for states’ rights at times.

The Supreme Court is expected soon to announce its opinion on a case out of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that concluded residents of states have the right to define marriage for themselves.

See the video:


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