WaPo’s placement of gay rights, pedophilia

By Les Kinsolving

On the front page of the Saturday, June 6, Washington Post is the following headline and subheadline:

“Gay Rights Activists Pivot to Passing Anti-Bias Laws – Effort Aims to Build on Momentum from Fight for Same-Sex Marriage”

In this extensive story – with a four-column photograph of campaigning homosexuals and transsexuals – there is not one word in defense of yet another alternative sexual orientation: pedophilia.

But back on Page A14, there is the following headline:

“Ex-Theme Park Workers among 22 Charged in Child Sex Sting”

Why was this relegated to the last page of the main news section – instead of being where it surely belongs: across the top of Page 1?

Is it possible that the Post people regard the so-called “gay rights” as more important ethically and news-worthily than 22 arrested adult child molesters?

It surely seems that way, given this instance of Post news placement.

This back-paged story by reporter Michael E. Miller included the following:

“They arrived for a week. Morning, noon and night. A total of 22 men all seeking the same thing: sex with an underage girl.

“One after another, they walked into a sparsely furnished house in Clermont, Fla., expecting to find a 10- or 12- or 14-year-old girl. Instead, they found justice.

“Again and again, sheriff’s deputies burst into the living room and arrested the men for soliciting sex with a minor. Operation L & P was named after the two counties, Lake and Polk, collaborating on the undercover sting operation and timed to occur just before kids went on summer vacation. From May 18 to 25, detectives from both departments posed as underage girls or their parents in Internet chat rooms.

“It’s a tried and tested technique for ensnaring sex offenders. In this case, however, the catch was particularly alarming. Not only because authorities caught enough suspects to field a football game, but because of whom they arrested. And where they had worked.”

Among the 22 arrested and charged were men whose employment involved children.

There were three current and former theme-park employees and a youth counselor.

The Post also reported:

“Jeff Conrad, for example, told deputies that he had worked at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, half an hour away in Orlando. Disney told News 13 in Florida that the man left Disney before the arrest.

“‘He traveled to have sex with a 14-year-old child,’ Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd told reporters at a news conference on Tuesday. ‘He had access to kids because, as he said, he was a Disney employee working at Magic Kingdom.'”

“Two more suspects worked at Orlando theme parks, Judd said: Ryan Mayer at Sea World and Tomas Adames at Universal Studios. (Both companies told local media after the arrests that the men are no longer employed with them.) …

“One of the most disturbing cases was the arrest of Ahmad Saleem, a 22-year-old community activist and youth counselor. He is the founder of Saleem Academy, an organization dedicated to empowering young Muslims. He is also the former Orlando organizer for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). CAIR said Saleem worked for the organization only for a short time and had left before his arrest, according to the Orlando Sentinel.”

What the Washington Post ought to do – but I suppose almost surely will not do – is apologize for back-paging the appalling arrest of 22 child molesters.

That is my strong opinion on what should be done to pedophiles who molest children.

At the same time, Fox News reported on June 6:

“The Islamic State has released a series of horrifying photographs showing blindfolded men tossed head-first off a building because, ISIS claimed, they were gay.”

In photographs obtained by the Middle East Media Research Institute, ISIS militants are shown publicly executing the unidentified men for violating Shariah law.

A crowd of spectators, including children, was gathered below the 100-foot building in Mosul as the men were held by their ankles and then sent plunging to their deaths.

The terror group also recently has employed “hit squads” in which militants pose as homosexuals in an attempt to lure gay men out into the open for death by public execution.

This accurately identified terror group is pursuing an absolute extremist and murderous opposition to homosexuality, which devout Christians in the U.S. who oppose sodomy will surely oppose.

And Christianity, as the world’s largest religion, would surely seem to have a strong opposition to murder as a form of opposition to homosexuality.

This does not mean that in good conscience I and most of my fellow Christians condone same-sex marriage, even though the militant homosexual lobby has managed to obtain legal acceptance of this sexual aberration.

But this inevitably raises the question: What about all the many other alternative sexual orientations? And when may the American public expect major drives for acceptance of polygamy, polyandry, necrophilia, bestiality, coprophilia, incest and exhibitionism – among others?

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