Schools in St. Paul, Minnesota, have paid millions of dollars to a secretive consulting company to train children in the theory of “white privilege,” only to unleash chaos and massive disciplinary problems. Now, reports indicate such lessons have been taking place at schools nationwide in what some experts believe is a deliberate transformation of education into political indoctrination.

The “white privilege” classes were implemented with the assistance of the Pacific Education Group, a San Francisco based firm that claims to be “committed to achieving racial equity in education.”

In a recent appearance on the “O’Reilly Factor,” Aaron Benner, a teacher in the St. Paul school system, charged the courses led to a breakdown in school discipline and alleged black students were being held to different standards.

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According to, 184 other school districts were also listed by the Pacific Education Group as clients before the company took down the list following public scrutiny.

The efforts by Pacific Education Group are not unique. Because of Common Core, American public schools are now pushing politically charged topics including institutional racism, “white privilege” and racism in mortgage lending. Such topics are even discussed as a part of math lessons.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a civil rights activist, founder and president of BOND (The Brotherhood Organization for a New Destiny), and author of “Scam: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America,” in an interview with WND, slammed the teaching of white privilege in public schools as destructive to both African-American students and everyone else.

Peterson stated: “These classes will make another generation of blacks feel like victims and have them believing that whites owe them. It will also continue to divide the races for years to come because whites and other non-blacks know that it’s not fair to favor one group over another. Teaching that whites have an unfair advantage based merely on race is a lie and it’s destructive. It reinforces the myth that whites are against blacks.”

Peterson says the best way to have students of different races work together is to focus less on race to begin with. He also scoffs at the concept of “white privilege” and argues against it being taken seriously.

As he told WND: “‘White privilege’ is a myth – it only exists in the minds of angry blacks that have been brainwashed into believing it. In reality, blacks and other minorities have the real privilege when it comes to college admissions, government contracts, and many other fields.”

Alex Newman, an educational expert and co-author of “Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children,” blames what he calls the “educational establishment” for being complicit in pushing these kinds of expensive programs.

Newman slammed “white privilege” theory as “quackery and imbecility” and charged: “This ‘white privilege’ scheming and the outfit peddling it are typical of the taxpayer-supported industries that prey on students and taxpayers alike through government miseducation. Of course, any reasonable person would instantly recognize this as a scam, but not the educational establishment, which insists on dumbing down and indoctrinating children with outrageous propaganda.”

Although some claim “white privilege” theory is designed to promote racial equity, Newman believes it is actually doing more harm than good.

“Holding black students to different standards than whites is inherently racist – by definition, in fact. Plus, the preachers of victimization are doing great harm to those black students by filling their heads with nonsense, hate, and a sense of victimization that could permanently hamper their ability to get ahead.”

Peterson also agrees black students are being sabotaged but he says, “Both blacks and whites are hurt by this.”

He explained: “The black students feel like victims because they’re being coddled and are allowed to use racism as an excuse not to excel. The white kids are hurt because they’re burdened with a sense of white guilt and are not allowed to express how they really feel about automatically being labeled a racist.”

Newman believes progressives are deliberately sabotaging black students by promoting a cult of victimization.

“The progressive eugenics movement, which used quack pseudo-science to justify its racism and played a major role in shaping policy, deliberately helped to create so many of the problems we see in black communities today, as the late Dr. Sam Blumenfeld and I documented in two full chapters in ‘Crimes of the Educators’.”

However, Newman says contemporary public schools are deliberately dumbing down students of all races. He alleges programs like “white privilege” training are simply attempts to prevent students from becoming truly educated.

“Most of these behavioral issues being seen in St. Paul would not even exist if schools were doing what they are supposed to do – educate students, teach them to read properly, teach them math, help them become critical thinkers, and so on. Instead, by using the discredited ‘whole word’ method of teaching reading instead of the proven phonics method, the education establishment is deliberately creating widespread illiteracy.”

Last year, Newman reported in WND on Minnesota schools considering a policy allowing “transgender” students to play on any sports team that fits with their own “perceived” gender. Newman says “white privilege” training is simply the next step in a deliberate program of societal manipulation.

“As the ‘white privilege’ idiocy in St. Paul shows, the schools are also much more interested in social engineering and indoctrination than actual education. It is time to restore sanity in the schools. Parents need to get involved and put a stop to all of this before more children are destroyed physically, mentally, and spiritually by this lunacy.”

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