All lives don’t matter to ‘progressives’

By Joseph Farah

  • Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley, the former governor of Maryland, was confronted last week at the Netroots Nation conference in Phoenix by “Black Lives Matter” activists. When they began chanting their favorite slogan, O’Malley responded: “Black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter.” Such a sensible retort was shouted down angrily. O’Malley later apologized for his “insensitivity.”
  • Planned Parenthood’s long-time practice of harvesting body parts from aborted babies and selling them on the open market was exposed in shocking covert video interviews with leaders of the taxpayer-supported largest abortion provider in the United States. In horrifying detail, officials of the organization explained how lucrative the business of organ selling was, with one of them explaining how she hoped to buy a Lamborghini with the profits. To date, not a single Democratic politician or officeholder has expressed disappointment with the organization’s barbaric practices.

What do these two disparate stories illustrate?

For the so-called “progressive mind,” the phrase “all lives matter” is an offense. For the so-called “progressive mind,” all lives don’t matter. For the so-called “progressive” mind, some lives matter more than others. For the so-called “progressive mind,” the value of life is based only on scoring political points not on any intrinsic, transcendent measuring stick.

Most disturbing of all about this revelation is the fact that the popular culture – the news media included – is all in for this ideologically motivated moral relativism.

Not only does the so-called “progressive” movement not value all human life, it is anathema even to suggest such a standard.

This is America in 2015.

There’s very little holding our culture together.

Right is wrong. Up is down. Black is white. The values that once bound our nation as one have been turned inside out, inverted, blown to smithereens.

There is no common denominator for rational communication.

Shouting has replaced dialogue and mutual respect.

Is this “progress”?

Can the so-called “progressive” movement claim its name?

This is regression.

Aborting babies for fun and profit is not “health care.” It’s not about “choice.” It’s not about “progress.” It’s not about human rights or fairness of justice or equality.

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Likewise, claiming that the lives of “minorities” are somehow more valuable or matter more than the lives of “non-minorities” is a notion that should be universally abhorrent.

How did we get to this place in which we are ruled by emotional slogans like “choice” and “black lives matter” – slogans that fundamentally betray the most basic violations of any standard of human rights, truth and justice?

It’s like Alexander Solzhenitsyn said in the last century about Russia and the Soviet Union: “Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.”

It’s happening, again – right here in America, the land of the free, home of the brave.

God is the author of right and wrong. Apart from God, there is no immutable standard of morality. There are only the opinions of men.

That is the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of so-called “progressive” thought.

Why is all human life sacred?

Because human beings were made in God’s image.

If you don’t believe that, I’m not surprised you will support abortion on demand or suggest some adult lives matter more than others based on skin color.

Is there any way back for America, which stands on the brink of tyranny as a result of the shifting sands of “progressivism”?

Yes, but it is not easy, and it won’t happen overnight. It won’t matter so much who the next president is unless we get our moral bearings straight.

If the problem is we forgot God, then we as a society need to remember God. Without Him, there is no liberty, there is no truth, there is no justice – no right and wrong. We need to put God first. He’s the reason we’re all here. Our lives only have meaning insofar as our relationship to Him and our service and obedience to Him.

That may be a lot for the “progressives” to swallow. But what about the rest of us? Isn’t it time to stand up and be counted as among those who follow God?

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