The Boy Scouts of America national board voted as expected Monday to allow open homosexuals to be adult leaders. Boys in troops themselves are already permitted an open homosexual identity.

Yet life in America goes on while millions of boys will be taught this is normal. They’ll be encouraged to ignore misgivings that last week’s “duty to God” in the Scout Oath and today’s are radically different.

One would think that believing what the Lord says would be the first step in a “duty to God.”

And then there’s that other quaint Boy Scout promise, to be “morally straight.” It’s ancient history, scrapped or transformed by today’s BSA. Homosexuality, the boys will learn, can be “moral.” Yet our Ancient of Days God hasn’t changed His mind and yielded to progressives on the matter of sexual sin. Jesus’ idea of progress is to know the truth and it will make you free.

The Boy Scouts’ corruption of truth begins at the top. Robert Gates, former defense secretary and now president of BSA, told the press in May 2014 that allowing open homosexual adults to be leaders would “irreparably fracture and perhaps even provoke a formal, permanent split in this movement.” Gates oversaw the embrace of homosexuality in the United States military as part of the Obama administration’s aggressive agenda.

So what changed in a year? The Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision overturning the state marriage votes of 51 million Americans is the wave of cultural chaos radicals like Gates are riding on.

Many others are analyzing the train wreck the BSA is handing local organizations and churches with the increased risk of lawsuits over public-accommodation questions and First Amendment applications.

But involuntarily thrust into the heat of battle are real boys who desperately need adults with moral courage. At the local troop level, parents can no longer trust what goes on. Homosexually inclined Scout parents won’t mind the new wink-and-nod policy, though, and they will now be welcomed into local troops to interact with all the boys.

In typical “LGBT” activist fashion, the internal conspirators within the BSA ranks just went ahead in the last two years and did what they wanted. Child safety? Who cares? So in Philadelphia, New York and elsewhere, in spite of the national policy still in place, councils have already opened leadership to homosexual adults. In Columbus, Ohio, the Simon Kenton Council made this announcement in January.

After revealing that homosexuals are now welcome in their council, Jim Papada, Philadelphia Cradle of Liberty board president, made this press statement: “We are proud that our council welcomes any person of good will desiring to assist in achieving our mission to advance the values of our Scout Oath and Scout Law, whether a youth member, adult member, or employee.”

What “values”? Two 12-year-old Scouts engaging in sodomy and calling it “dating”? Or observing their 25-year-old Scoutmaster flirting with another man– or boy?

Question: Even if you as a parent don’t see open homosexual behavior as a threat, would you want your son to learn discipline, commitment, respect and honor from a group led by a people showing no discipline, commitment, respect or honor?

The Boy Scout website makes this stunning statement as part of its rationale for the change:

“The BSA no longer has a policy stating that homosexuality is immoral and unclean, which was the basis for the BSA prevailing in [the Supreme court case] Dale. Rather, the BSA’s policy is that it does not have a position on the issue, it does not proactively inquire about sexual orientation, and sexuality is not an appropriate matter for discussion in the Scouting program.”

OK, we get it. Individual troops can “decide for themselves” how to apply the new policy, and we know how that will often go: The high-pressure tactics of homosexual advocates and their allies will win.

So what about the Boy Scout leader who takes his young charges camping one weekend and the next, rides near-naked on a “gay pride” parade float decked out in leather and chains? Who will dare to discipline him and subject the council to costly litigation?

Far from knowing the truth and being set free, the BSA policy change will throw vulnerable young men into the arms of bondage. What our sons and grandsons will learn in Boy Scout troops is how to defy God and deceive themselves and others while satisfying their basest desires.

The BSA knows this may bring trouble and loss of numbers as boys flee to TrailLife USA and other options. Yet in typical self-destructive homosexual mode, they are doing it anyway.

This poisonous activism will not end here, of course. The next shoe to drop will be the stiletto high heel of a male adult leader dressing as a woman, or the female den leader posing before impressionable Scouts as a man. And of course, girls who believe they are boys may soon be allowed into the troop environment just as the Girl Scouts now quietly admit gender-confused boys.

We can certainly expect that very soon, the Family Life merit badge will include learning that two men or two women are actually married and valid heads of “families” and that no deviation from such ungodly orthodoxy will be tolerated. As attorney Richard Mathews noted in a Florida Family Policy Council brief, this may start even earlier as little boys in Webelos pursue the Family Member activity badge.

There is also no reason not to expect that Scout troops will march regularly in pride parades, since some are already doing so. I witnessed Scouts marching in the 2014 Columbus homosexual parade, defiantly showing that rebellion had already reached America’s heartland.

What can parents do? Remove your sons and get them involved in a godly alternative like TrailLifeUSA, where genuine character, morality and faith in God still matter.

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