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Brutal dictator's warning for NFL superstar Brett Favre

NFL quarterback Brett Favre was met with a wave of criticism after he failed to clap enthusiastically enough at the 2015 ESPY awards ceremony when transgender Bruce Jenner was given an award for “Courage” because of his efforts to become a woman named “Caitlyn.”

Mocking the media campaign against Favre, historian Paul Kengor has made a comparison to the Soviet Union under dictator Joseph Stalin, where dissidents where told, “Never be the first one to stop clapping.”

Kengor, also a university professor and author of “Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage,” told WND, “A bigger act of courage would have been [for] any of those athletes at the ESPY awards, and you know there are many of them who disagreed, for any of them not to applaud.”

However, as the attacks on Favre by the New York Post and other publications reveal, Kengor said, progressives are behaving hypocritically when it comes to differences of opinion.

“In America, if certain people feel that way, they ought to be able to say that without being condemned for it,” he said. “Liberalism is supposed to be about tolerance and diversity, but as usual, it’s not about that at all. Liberals only tolerate what they want to tolerate. They only offer diversity to the ‘diverse’ things they want to celebrate.”

Decrying the mandatory celebration of Jenner’s actions, Kengor quipped, “It doesn’t take great courage to do what everyone in the culture is celebrating.”

Writer, producer and WND columnist Jack Cashill agreed with Kengor about the ominous trend toward speech control in the U.S. today.

The author of “Scarlet Letters: The Ever-Increasing Intolerance of the Cult of Liberalism” observed: “What makes Paul Kengor so perceptive a cultural critic is that he knows the history of totalitarianism. He understands that what the leftists are doing today is what they have always done when allowed to get away with it: Punish dissent.

“Today, as Kengor observes, they shame NFL great Brett Favre for failing to applaud Bruce Jenner’s specious Arthur Ashe award enthusiastically enough,” he said. “Tomorrow, they send him to the gulag. The great Soviet truth teller Solzhenitsyn spent 12 years in one for joking about Stalin’s mustache. Our truth tellers may soon be heading thither for joking about Jenner’s lack of the same.”

Kengor finds it especially interesting that even athletes are terrified by this campaign of cultural intimidation.

“Imagine big, burly, tough NFL players scared and bullied into cultural cheerleading by the forces of ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity,’ who, as usual, make a mockery of the very meaning of those words,” he said.

In contrast to the faux “courage” celebrated at the ESPY’s, Kengor believes real courage is being shown by ordinary Americans who are standing up to pro-homosexual activists trying to destroy anyone who disagrees with them.

Kengor identifies Christians around the country who have defied progressive activists as those who showed “serious courage” in the face of “vicious persecution by the so-called forces of tolerance and diversity.”

Any athlete who tried to imitate them, said Kengor, would be “ostracized and demonized as an unrestrained, unrefined, vile, vicious hater.”

Kengor believes this trend of repression cuts to the core of leftist psychology. In a video interview with WND, he stated: “The left is in the business of redefining things. Now ‘courage’ is in their hands to redefine and wield against their foes, just like marriage is, just like gender, just like tolerance and diversity, and as usual for the left, they take the meaning of words and change and funnel them in order to fulfill their own political and cultural objectives.”

Michael Brown, an expert who has written several books on homosexuality including the upcoming “Outlasting the Gay Revolution,” says Jenner is simply deceiving himself.

Referring to the recent controversy involving former NAACP chapter head Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who claimed to be black, Brown argued, “Just as Dolezal is not really black, Bruce Jenner is not really a woman.”

Stating that verifiable, provable and objective data outweigh a person’s feelings about his or her own racial or sexual identity, Brown argued Jenner is not a woman but simply a “counterfeit” version of a woman.

Carl Gallups, a pastor, talk-show host and author of “Final Warning: Understanding the Trumpet Days of Revelation,” makes the same comparison.

“Consider these facts: Bruce was born a man. His DNA is male. His reproductive organs are entirely male. His birth certificate says he is a male. His parents, siblings, and friends from the past can testify he is a male. The entire world saw his ‘maleness’ and male athletic prowess on display in the Olympics,” he said. “Yet, he enlarges his breasts, takes some female hormones, dresses up in women’s underwear and formal attire, dons high heels – and we proclaim him to ‘courageous.’ Who is fooling who here – really?

“Why is that Rachel Dolezal, who was white at birth and is shown to be white by her DNA, birth certificate and testimony of friends and family, is a ‘liar” for claiming she is black but Bruce Jenner is a ‘hero’?”

Gallups accused the audience and the media of engaging in a massive act of deception.

“I watched in dismay as I saw Bruce Jenner masquerading as a woman named Caitlyn at the 2015 ESPY awards,” he said. “I carefully observed the scenario as ‘Caitlyn’ stood there addressing the audience in a deeply resonating and markedly masculine voice, along with huge manly hands and broad athletic shoulders that displayed the physio-typical masculine head-to-shoulder ratio. The only thing ‘female’ about ‘him’ was the obvious breast enhancement and the formal dress and matching high heels that he was wearing.

“I also noted what I interpreted to be the absolute shock on the faces of some of the beautiful (genetically real) women sitting on the front row. A couple of them actually looked aghast. They seemed to be saying in their soul, ‘Oh, poor man!’ It was painful to watch and absolutely heart wrenching for me to listen to the obvious man, masquerading as a woman, addressing the crowd.”

Kengor said such a display is maintained only by coercion.

“Someone like Brett Favre was in no danger of being sent to a gulag by the modern new left cultural commissars, to whatever version we have of Siberia, but, there’s a cultural intimidation here,” he said. “There’s a political correctness. There’s coercion going on here.”

He concluded, “If I were a liberal, it would bother me.”