Action star Chuck Norris

Action star Chuck Norris

Action movie star, television series hero and real-life martial arts champion Chuck Norris is credited, in the world of the Internet, with being able to push the world down (instead of pushing himself up), having a beard that’s too tough for the granite of Mt. Rushmore and doing the splits between the wingtips of flying jets.

But lest his accomplishments be misunderstood, there comes a case now where he has, in fact, been able to rattle a whole host of progressives with a few keystrokes.

The controversy has been captured by the Examiner, which cited that “liberals on a number of websites have been beside themselves” over a Chuck Norris post on WND.

“For example, the far-left blog Crooks and Liars said Norris put forward a conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton is set to steal the 2016 election through voter fraud,” the Examiner said.

But the analysis noted that while the critics almost universally use the word “fraud,” it “is not found once in Norris’ article. Neither is the word ‘conspiracy,’ but readers of those left-wing writers would never know that.”

In the original commentary, Chuck Norris talks about the Cloward-Piven political strategy, a well-known political plan created by two Columbia University sociologists to deliberately overload the U.S. public welfare system with the goal of causing its collapse.

An earlier column had talked about President Obama’s use of the idea.

He was warning that Hillary Clinton is lined up to “grab the Cloward-Piven baton from Barack” unless she is stopped. He cites her links to those who taught the idea, her interest in it throughout her career and provides facts about its influence on issues such as today’s “Motor Voter” idea. And how the ideation plays a role in immigration issues.

But the Examiner noted that most of the critics were cherry-picking his comments, mostly using only this statement:

“You see, it’s a win-win-win-win-win-win to socialist Cloward-Piven progressives like Obama and Hillary. Illegals flood the country; illegals get driver’s licenses; illegals get voter rights; illegals get welfare benefits; illegals overload the U.S. welfare system; illegals keep progressives in office, who crown the Cloward-Piven strategy and the fundamental transformation of America as a victory.”

“It turns out the paragraph being used was just one small part of a lengthy 20-paragraph-long op-ed that went into a fair amount of detail regarding the Cloward and Piven strategy and how it could easily be used to win a presidential election. What Norris provided was hardly a ‘conspiracy theory’ as liberal bloggers maintained, but a thorough analysis of how Clinton could game the system to win,” the Examiner reported.

In his bestselling book, “Black Belt Patriotism: How to Reawaken America,” Norris provides real solutions for solving the nation’s problems, moving the country forward and changing its course for the better.


For example, Crooks and Liars came away with this: “Walker, Texas Ranger Chuck Norris hasn’t found a wingnut conspiracy theory he didn’t like. Whether it’s global warming treaty designed to turn into a One World Order, but he hit his stride on the pages of WND, where he opines Hillary Clinton will capture the White House because of massive voter fraud conducted behind the Motor Voter laws which gives voting rights to massive amounts of illegal immigrants.”

The Examiner noted, “Almost all of the bloggers in question, for example, failed to present a quote from Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, who said: ‘I do feel this attempt to flood the border with illegals is a playing out of the Cloward-Piven theory.’ As Norris pointed out, ‘it’s not a coincidence either that these new drivers and voters, who have flooded and are still flooding into our country through porous borders, are also at the hear of [a] plan to overload the U.S. welfare system under the Cloward-Piven strategy.'”

The report said it’s simply not “conspiracy.”

“For a growing number of Americans, it has become a fact.”

When Norris cited instances of such activities, the critics left it out, the Examiner said.

“It’s also no secret that Democrats want illegal aliens to vote,” the report said, “as an article at points out. Citing a Rasmussen poll, IBD said that some 53 percent of Democrats want illegal aliens to have the vote. A voting bloc that large would almost certainly ensure a victory for Clinton if she becomes the nominee.”

On the occasion of his 75th birthday this year, Norris shared with WND a little of his philosophy.

“I will forget the mistakes of the past and press on to greater achievements,” Norris said. “I will continually work at developing love, happiness and loyalty in my family and acknowledge that no other success can compensate for failure at home.”

He continued, “Never give up on anything you feel passionate about. If you can visualize what you want to achieve, then the odds are you can succeed at your goal.”

He starred in “Walker: Texas Ranger” and some of the biggest action pictures ever. He’s also famous for the Internet craze for one-liners usually labeled not as jokes but as “facts.” In “The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book,” Norris gives readers not only his favorite “facts,” roundhouse-kicked by the man himself, but also the stories behind the facts and the code by which he lives his life.

Chuck Norris (center) with children of Kickstart Kids

Chuck Norris (center) with children of Kickstart Kids

Norris has been writing a weekly column exclusively for WND since Oct. 23, 2006.

Many of his most loyal fans have urged Norris to run for the White House in 2016. But Chuck Norris doesn’t run for president.

Presidents run from Chuck Norris.

In any case, Norris himself admitted to WND Editor and CEO Joseph Farah that the effort would be disastrous.

“Let’s say I do run for president and I start campaigning and I start debating my opponent and my opponent starts attacking my character, and I spring over and I choke him unconscious,” Norris said.

“Is that going to help my campaign?”

Norris’ career began not in movies, television or in the world of Internet trivia. The man who has employed martial arts in so many of his pictures first came to the world’s attention as a real-life martial arts star. He was a six-time undefeated World Professional MiddleWeight Karate Champion. He was also a renowned teacher in the martial arts, with celebrity students including Steve McQueen, Bob Barker, Priscilla Presley and Donnie and Marie Osmond.

He has gone on to found the United Fighting Arts Federation with more than 2,300 black belts all over the world. In 1997, Norris achieved another milestone in his life by being the first man ever in the Western Hemisphere to be awarded an eighth-degree Black Belt Grand Master recognition in the Tae Kwon Do system. This was a first in 4,500 years of tradition.

Norris is also a New York Times bestselling author of “Black Belt Patriotism.”

He’s utilized the “Chuck Norris facts” fame for public service projects, such as encouraging people to register to vote. He’s previously put out an ad explaining that people should do that, listing:

  • “You can always ignore my advice. The dinosaurs did.”
  • “You have time right now. I know, because I’m standing right behind you.”
  • “Because I said so”
  • “With one hand, I can crush coal into a diamond. With yours, you can protect your rights.”

WND also has reported Norris’ image as a tough simply hasn’t reached its zenith.

At Christmas a couple of years ago, a new video was released, topping the epic stunt of muscle man Jean-Claude Van Damme, the Belgian-born actor who was filmed doing the splits between two moving trucks.

Norris, whose list of movies continues to expand with his appearance in “Expendables 2,” took the stunt to a whole new level.

In a video posted online by Delov Digital, a Hungarian animation company, Chuck Norris does the splits between the wings of two jets.

Flying jets.

Holding a human Christmas tree of nearly a dozen airborne comrades on his cowboy hat.

See Van Damme’s stunt:

And how Delov, in an effort to wish “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,” offered its own rendition featuring Chuck Norris:


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