The Scripture tells Christians to “honor God with your body,” and now physicians are finding the Bible is not only a guide to a healthy spiritual life but a healthy physical life as well.

Nutritional expert and weight loss specialist Dr. Don Colbert and Dr. Reginald Cherry of the television program “The Doctor and the World” have released a series of guides identifying the God-given health secrets provided within the Bible to lead a happy and healthy life.

The books provide a holistic approach for diet, exercise, nutrition and spirituality. Readers are given both a practical plan to solving their health problems and guidance for where to look in Scripture for prayers and readings related to their medical issues.

foodThe new claims are part of a larger trend of looking back to ancient wisdom for contemporary health problems. Recently, scientists from the University of Southern California created headlines around the world for reportedly developing a regimen of fasting and diet changes that reduced risk factors for a host of diseases and health problems. They even claimed it slowed aging.

Celebrities such as singer Beyoncé and actor Benedict Cumberbatch have also touted the benefits of the ancient practice of fasting. And fad diets such as the “Paleo” diet or even more outlandish programs telling people to eat insects continue to gain in popularity as Americans search desperately for diets perceived as more “natural” or “organic.”

Yet the truth so many people are seeking can be found in the Good Book that many people already have in their own homes.

Dr. Colbert writes: “As a Christian medical doctor, I have studied and prayed about the causes of disease, and increasingly I have discovered that many diseases have very strong spiritual roots. I believe it is God’s desire to restore us to complete health of the entire person: body, mind, and spirit.”

Many Americans have taken Colbert at his word, as sales of the “Bible Cure” series have exceeded more than 2.5 million copies. The bestselling books include:

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The entire series boasts four- and five-star reviews at For example, readers of Colbert’s book on blood pressure rave:

Don Colbert has established himself as the source for healthy living ideas and natural ways to cure, prevent and treat numerous diseases. I first read his book on Toxic Emotions, followed by several others. I then added his cookbook to my collection of cookbooks. And most recently I received this book as a review copy. Although I do not suffer from high blood pressure, I found his ideas on prevention and treatment of such interest. It is a sad state of affairs that so many in the church are “brainwashed” (for lack of a better descriptive phrase) into believing conventional medical practices are the only way to treat diseases. Colbert points out in every book that he authors that we live in a society filled with toxins – emotional toxins, environmental toxins, toxins in food, water and medications. These things were never God’s intent for the human body which was intricately designed to heal itself when given the appropriate lifestyles and nutritional intake.

This book is tiny – easy to read – short, sweet and to the point. He does not fill it with tons of philosophy or spend time defending his point of view. Rather, he simply takes fact and lays them out for all to examine and choose for themselves. This is what I have always enjoyed about Colbert’s writing. This is not about a fast fix, a simple three-step program or any other such thing. It is about learning to take care of God’s design (our bodies) by His blueprint (natural ways) to enable His design to function at its highest quality. An excellent book.

Another person says:

God wants to stop high blood pressure from damaging your health, Colbert writes. If you have high blood pressure, Colbert has good news for you. “You don’t have to face it alone. God promises to walk with you until you defeat it.”

He helps you understand what high blood pressure is and what causes it. He outlines a healthy diet aiming at lowering blood pressure and stopping inflammation. He explains the importance of regular exercise, describing several styles and routines. He suggests supplements and discusses medications. He reminds you of the consequences of stress and gives suggestions to combat it.

He adds Scripture to strengthen and encourage you and ends each chapter with a prayer and suggested action to take.

We are so programmed to run to medications, it is really refreshing to read a book describing natural ways to tackle this common ailment. It is such an encouragement to know that living life the way God designed will produce a much healthier body. A few things surprised me, like the benefits of celery and the chiropractic adjustment of a particular vertebra in lowering blood pressure.

This book is not a magic cure for high blood pressure. A change in diet, exercise, and lifestyle are probably required. But if you are willing to work at restoring your health, this book is a great place to start.

Believers looking for a systematic guide to the traditional Christian practice of fasting also have new resources available. Susan Gregory, renowned for her popular website “The Daniel Fast,” has written a book with the same title that provides believers with a comprehensive and holistic 21-day guide to carrying out a fast that will renew their body and their faith.

And author Jordan Rubin, who combated Crohn’s Disease until he had been reduced to only 111 pounds, embarked on his own faith-based journey from near death to full recovery by following a Bible-based diet. He chronicles his story in “The Maker’s Diet,” which combines his personal experience with the hard scientific knowledge he accumulated in his formal training as a nutritionist.

America’s media culture may continue to obsess over the search for good health, but an ever-increasing number of Christians are learning Scripture has been telling them for centuries what today’s medical professionals are only now discovering.

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