Hundreds of people were burned, including about 200 who suffered serious injuries, at a “gay” festival in Taiwan over the weekend when a colorful special-effects stunt using “highly explosive particulate corn flour” ignited after it was sprayed over the crowd.

According to Natural News, Taiwan gay-rights activist and “rainbow party” organizer Zhong Ji Lu was taken into custody by police, questioned and released on bail pending further investigation of the Formosa Water Park event.

The report said he was asked about the “massive, deadly fireball that rained down” on the crowd.

Natural News said he’s the key founder of Gay Rights Taiwan, and he has been identified as a homosexual-rights activist by the website Pridewatch Taiwan, which later was taken down.

No cause was released for the ignition of the fire, but the China Post said a technician with the event also was detained.

It said Taiwan President Ma Jing-Jeou visited burn victims in Taipei Veterans General Hospital and promised t0 find those responsible and help the injured.

Natural News said the substance used for the stunt was the same as that blamed for a number of grain silo explosions in grain belts around the world.

“The airborne corn flour ignited and burst into flames, raining down fire upon the heads” of the event attendees, Natural News said.

There was a warning of the danger, according to a Natural News translation of a Nextmag Taiwan report, which said a previous incident happened at an event in September 2013.

The report also explained that in Taiwan the “gay” identity is still considered highly offensive.

That’s why, Natural News said, some groups that initially reported it as a “gay” festival later changed their reports and are now disclaiming any such link existed.

“Sadly, fatalities are beginning to occur among those who were severely burned in this unfortunate catastrophe,” the report said.

“Culturally speaking, because of the current state of affairs in Taiwan where being gay is not yet as accepted as it is in North America, the families of those who have died do NOT want these victims in any way tied to a ‘gay’ celebration.”

Natural News said it was told it should remove any reference to the event being “gay” to protect the reputations of the victims.

Mike Adams, blogging as the “Health Ranger” for Natural News, said he accommodated concerns by removing the term “gay pride” from the title of his story.

Adams noted a Malaysian report explained the “rainbow party” was sparked by the U.S. Supreme Court’s mandate that states recognize “gay marriage.”

The publication noted its Taiwan office confirmed about 500 were injured, and “local hospitals were completely overrun with burn victims.”

A video from Russia Today shows the conflagration:

Reports explained that various metals are used to color the glitter material, which combined with oxygen and possibly was ignited by a cigarette lighter.

Natural News said the injured were taken to 43 hospitals and clinics.

The London Daily Mail reported it took just seconds for the fire to erupt, and people could be seen running through the flames.

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