WASHINGTON – Complementing its 14-year-old, industry-leading WND Books arm, which has set the standard in publishing throughout the world with its record-breaking performance of achieving New York Times bestseller status for 10 percent of its releases, WND announces a new service for those who want to self-publish their work, but just need a hand navigating the murky waters.

The revolutionary publishing division, World Ahead Press, is designed to give you a fighting chance to publish a quality work, help you market it and compete effectively in the competitive environment – especially for conservative and Christian authors.

World Ahead Press, led by Thomas Freiling, a pioneer in the field, will leverage new digital and print-on-demand technologies along with the e-commerce platform of the WND Superstore and a team of editorial and marketing professionals.

WAPress32For a nominal investment, World Ahead Press will edit, design, publish, distribute, and market manuscripts that would normally get unnoticed by traditional publishers. World Ahead Press books will be available to bookstores worldwide, online and in popular eBook formats.

World Ahead Press is not a cheap imitation of other self-publishing programs you find on the Internet,” says Freiling, vice president of WND Books. “We’re putting real muscle behind World Ahead Press titles. They will be high-quality books people will read and share. There’s a reason WND Books boasts the highest percentage of New York Times bestsellers of any publisher in the world. There’s a reason WND films dominate the charts and WND Superstore is among the largest online retailers in the world.”

Freiling, the founder of the country’s first on-demand, self-publishing company, Xulon Press, will spearhead the program. Freiling is excited to harness the most recent technology to get books into the hands of readers’ lightning-fast.

“Imagine publishing a book alongside WND’s best-selling books and movies by people like Jonathan Cahn, Michael Savage, Jerome Corsi, Joel Richardson, and Aaron Klein. Imagine reaching millions (even tens of millions!) of conservative and Christian readers through WND’s broad reach,” says Freiling.

The technology behind the new publishing program at WND can be used to publish non-fiction and fiction books. World Ahead Press is particularly interested in topics ranging from politics and culture to faith and family to history and business.

World Ahead’s technology gives authors the tools and resources to get published in weeks to months in every popular format including hardcover and paperback editions, eBooks and audio formats.

“Before Joseph Farah asked me to help here at WND, I spent the last decade as a pioneer in book publishing and self-publishing,” says Freiling. “I’ve published more books than anyone in the world and literally invented the first Internet-based technology platform for self-publishing. Now I get to take all of that experience and put it to use here at WND, for the cause of freedom.”

Authors who are interested in getting published by World Ahead Press should call 844-8-MYBOOK (844-869-2665) or visit World Ahead Press online. Experienced publishing professionals will confidentially discuss your manuscript with you and chart out a course to reach readers worldwide.

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