U.S. Supreme Court justices

U.S. Supreme Court justices

Pastors across America, on the occasion of Independence Day 2015, are being asked to adopt a Declaration of Dependence – on God.

“We need to remember that our liberties flow from God,” said an announcement from Liberty Counsel, the Florida-based legal team that fights for religious and civil rights.

Liberty Counsel’s defense of biblical marriage was dealt a blow a week ago when “five lawyers,” as one dissent called them, on the U.S. Supreme Court established a right to “same-sex marriage” across the 50 states.

“In light of the lawless 5-4 opinion of five lawyers regarding marriage, we are calling pastors to announce a Declaration of Dependence on Sunday, July 5,” the group said.

“Last Sunday, Pastor Jim Garlow in California held up the 5-4 opinion in one hand and the Bible in the other, and he publicly proclaimed that he would obey the Bible and not the lawless opinion of five lawyers.”

See Garlow’s comments:

Garlow’s point was that pastors and others can declare their dependence on God or not.

“This,” Garlow said, holding up the Supreme Court opinion, “was written by five … in Washington.

“This,” he said, holding up the Bible, “was written under the inspiration of God, by about 40 people over 1,600 years in a seamless way that ties them all together.”

The Bible, he said, the “eternal word of God.”

“It will last forever,” the pastor said.

“You have choose whether you get the accolades of others or whether you stand in reverence and fear of Almighty God.”

He then tossed the Supreme Court’s opinion on the floor.

“I made my choice,” he said.

“This lawless opinion of five lawyers is merely their own will and not a legal judgement,” said Liberty Counsel Founder Mat Staver. “It has nothing to do with the Constitution. If implemented, good and decent people will be targeted for discrimination and persecution because they continue to believe in marriage that every civilization has upheld.

“We are now faced with the decision to obey God or five lawyers,” he said.

Some clerks are refusing to jump on the same-sex marriage agenda, which was complicated just a few days after the Supreme Court ruling  by a trio – one man and two women – in Montana who cited the court’s arguments for equality in demanding a marriage license.

“Five lawyers thinking they have the right to overrule the natural created order of marriage as the union of a man and a woman is the height of rebellion,” Staver said.

“Our highest respect for the rule of law requires that we not respect an unjust law that directly conflicts with higher law. As people of faith, we pledge obedience to our Creator when the state directly conflicts with higher law,” Staver said. “Now is the time for each of us to stand up and be counted. We are calling upon pastors to Declare Dependence upon God.”

Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore said the Supreme Court ruling on marriage is no more than an “interpretation” of the Constitution, not the law itself. He said the law of the land is the U.S. Constitution.

“What we are talking about here is an interpretation of the Constitution,” he said.

“In the Dred Scott case (1856 U.S. Supreme Court ruling) the Supreme Court ruled that blacks were property, not citizens of the U.S.,” said Moore. “That was the interpretation of the majority of the court. Were they right? Of course not.”

He continued: “Judges interpret the Constitution and if you interpret it as Justice [Anthony] Kennedy did (and four other justices) then same sex marriage is constitutional. But if you interpret it as justices Roberts, Scalia, Alito and Thomas did, it is not constitutional. And not only is it not constitutional … it contradicts the Constitution and, as Justice Thomas said, it is at odds with the Constitution and the principles on which this nation were founded.”

WND has reported the negative reaction to the Supreme Court’s decision, with clerks quitting, judges dropping all procedures to issue any marriage licenses and even one U.S. senator telling people it should be ignored.

The Associated Press reported it found in a survey that some counties in Alabama were not issuing licenses.

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The Alabama laws specify that probate judges “may” issue marriage licenses, meaning it is not required.

AP also reported a county clerk in Arkansas announced her resignation because of her religious and moral opposition to the mandate for same-sex marriage.

Meanwhile, in Kentucky, several county clerks announced they would not issue marriage licenses to “gay” couples. In Rowan County, Clerk Kim Davis said her office has decided to stop issuing marriage certificates altogether to avoid discrimination lawsuits.

And Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, a candidate for GOP nomination for president, told NPR that there are many across America who can just ignore it.

He said the case was brought by parties from four states, but that “does not mean that those who are not parties to a case are bound by a judicial order.”

Liberty Counsel said when the opinion was announced in Washington that marriage is older than the court itself.

One dissenter, Chief Justice John Roberts, said: “[D]o not Celebrate the Constitution. It had nothing to do with it.”

Staver said then, “The court can no more redefine marriage than it can redefine gravity.”

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