Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh has sounded enthusiastic about Donald Trump ever since the real estate tycoon announced he was running for president. This week was no exception, as the talk radio giant praised Trump for “changing the focus of the debate”: “‘Trump this, Trump that, Trump rotten, Trump mean, Trump extreme, Trump racist,’ what have you. But then the murder took place. … It’s not the first murder of its kind in a sanctuary city. It’s happening frequently! In fact, I do have a sound bite with Trump making mincemeat of Anderson Cooper last night. Anderson Cooper is sitting there trying to tell Trump, ‘There’s far less crime, Donald, in the illegal immigrant community,’ and Trump says, ‘You’re crazy!’ We just had the stats yesterday. It’s 47% of all prosecutions, federal prosecutions, are happening in five prosecutorial districts on the Mexican border (Free audio).”

Speaking of “sanctuary cities,” Limbaugh joked that conservatives need to set up their own: “Why can’t we set up a sanctuary city where anything we want to do that we used to be able to do is permitted? If marriage is strictly between a man and a woman like it’s always been, why can’t we have sanctuary cities where that’s the case? How do they get away with sanctuary cities that break the law, allow breaking the law in violation of U.S. government policy? And notice who enables it! The federal government when it’s run by the Democrats (Free audio).”

Michael Savage

As a San Francisco resident, Savage was particularly appalled by the murder of an innocent woman by an illegal alien, who’d been ordered deported five times.

“There are gunfights every night in San Francisco, mostly by illegal aliens,” Savage explained to his listeners. “Do you think anything is going to change? The illiberal bastards who run the city are in power because of the millions of illegal aliens that they’ve cultivated as voters, because the real taxpayers hate their guts (Free audio).”

Turning his attention overseas, Savage was equally blunt about the situation in Greece.

“It’s unbelievable what Greece is demanding,” said Savage. “They’re not willing to give up anything. They produce nothing. They’re lazy. They live off welfare. … The papers say there will be riots and chaos. What do I care? The bums don’t want to work (Free audio).”

Laura Ingraham

Pop idol Ariana Grande was forced to apologize after a bizarre video surfaced which showed the singer spitting on donuts and declaring “I hate Americans.”

The incident provoked Ingraham to call Grande “another spoiled, entitled pop princess who’s benefited so lucratively from being in this country, from being an American.”

“And yet when she doesn’t think anyone’s listening,” Ingraham went on, “she hates America. They’re all fat. They’re stupid. … The last time I checked, those poor people who like to buy donuts also bought a lot of your stupid music. So maybe you should return that money to people who like jelly donuts.”

Ingraham’s guests this week included Pat Caddell, who said, “If Jeb is the nominee, we are going to have [a] boring election. I think there will be a substantial 3rd party contender,” and Ann Coulter, who told her, “Trump is striking the cord in the Republican Party. I think other politicians that criticized him will have to take it back (Free audio).”

Mark Levin

“Hillary Clinton was Donald Trump in 2003,” Levin told his audience, before playing them an audio clip in which Clinton expressed views on illegal immigration that sound a lot like the billionaire’s “controversial” comments (Free audio).

On that same subject, Levin castigated the political class left and right for failing to get serious about illegal aliens and crime.

“An enormous amount of crime is being committed in this country by illegal aliens,” Levin said. “That’s why Jeb Bush won’t discuss it. That’s why Barack Obama said nothing about it today. He’ll reach into Ferguson, Michael Brown, where an officer shot him dead in self-defense. Michael Brown, who had just tapped a store, knocked it over, stole stuff from them. It’s funny what moves Barack Obama to speak. The Confederate flag, which had nothing to do with nothing. … They’re still talking about the Confederate flag [on the news]. It has no role of what’s going on in this country today (Free audio).”

Glenn Beck

On Facebook this week, Beck told his fans that he was taking a break from his radio show to rest his voice.

“As you may or may not have noticed over the past couple of months, my voice has been changing a bit,” Beck wrote. “This Friday I consulted with [doctors] and they have advised me to take a few weeks off and rest my voice due to some severe strain that has happened.”

This comes after a series of changes at Beck’s media company, The Blaze, including the departure of a number of C-level executives and the downsizing of its New York City office.

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