If Donald Trump were to cure cancer, wouldn’t you feel like thanking him?

Even if you were another Republican competing for the GOP presidential nomination, you’d want to thank him. Even if all of your Mexican relatives were priests and missionaries and not drug dealers and rapists, you’d still want to thank him.

So go ahead! We’re all deeply in debt to Donald Trump. Trump has just struck a resounding blow against a different – but very real – kind of cancer, namely “political correctness.” Trump’s blow is the most severe blow to political correctness in the whole of that toxic, malignant, civilization-rotting doctrine’s tyranny. This is historical! It’s thrilling!

Hitler expected the Soviet Union to fold and fade when Nazi Germany attacked in June 1941. The Soviet Red Army took Berlin in May 1945. The Soviets thought they could easily breed the New Soviet Man who, instead of filthy money, would gladly work for the betterment of the Soviet peoples. Soviet Communism failed in 1991 while that New Soviet Man remained unborn. Hillary Clinton expected the waltz to the White House to resemble those heartbreaking sagas you see on TV in which the drastically ill 8-year-old boy, whose dream was to run for a touchdown, gets his wish as two real teams line up and give him the ball – and everybody on his team suddenly becomes a superb blocker and nobody on defense can remember how to tackle and the little boy runs the length of the whole field while we all laugh and cry and cheer! Call it “Expectations”! And when the expected power of political correctness fails, it’s Katy-bar-the-door!

Trump was expected to explode and waft away in a purple smog like the Wicked Witch of the West when NBC and Univision and New York Mayor de Blasio and Macy’s Menswear exploded Bangalore torpedoes deep into Donald’s gut-work. Instead, Donald Trump vaulted to No. 2 in the polls in that crowded Republican field – No. 2 and gaining!

Do you remember how the high school faculty moved in when a “misbehaving boy” achieved popularity? They did their pitiful best to undermine his popularity with the rest of us. And it backfired every time. We wound up liking the bad boy more and more as we saw the absurd efforts of the faculty to take him down. And so it is on network TV today. Our earnest and learned commentators drone on and on about how “Donald Trump may enjoy a certain kind of support from a certain kind of American for a certain period of time, but he’ll never be taken seriously and he’ll never, never, never …” And on they go cluck-cluck-clucking about how we’d better enjoy Trump while we may, because the top is now off the soda bottle and the fizz can’t last.

Enough of this disease! There’s not a bigoted corpuscle in my entire bloodstream, except for the billions of them I have against political correctness. I want to step on its throat!

Do I think all Mexicans are drug lords and rapists mixed in with maybe a few decent ones? Absolutely not! And that’s not what I hear Donald Trump saying either. I hear Trump saying, “Unfortunately, Mexicans are disproportionately over-represented in those categories, and instead of bending efforts to apprehend and deport them this administration is covering up for them, lying about their numbers and slam-dunking them down America’s throat.”

All of which is the God’s-honest-truth.

While the Obama administration is force-pumping spray-deodorant all across our immigration disaster, which they deliberately invented, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio denounces Donald Trump because “Ethnic insults have no place in our New York City.” This is at least the second time your people will contradict you, Mr. Mayor. When you count noses you’ll find that elemental truth has a bigger place in New York than drug dealing, rape, DUIs, crime, lies and murder. Not just in New York but thousands of other American cities that so recently were so civilized.

It must have been galling for the pimps and prisoners of political correctness to go through the dismal ritual of denouncing Donald Trump at the very instant when the big news was serial felon and illegal immigrant Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, who couldn’t seem to stay deported after five attempts. He fired an illegal gun at random, fatally wounding 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle as she was walking with her father along a San Francisco pier. San Francisco, you see is a “sanctuary city” – that’s a city that declares, “We will not cooperate with immigration authorities.” A President Trump might take a look at “sanctuary cities.” President Obama will, too – when Hell gets cold enough to kill snap beans.

As an amateur prosecutor, I suggest Donald Trump may occasionally be guilty of “feather-ruffling.” Many of his politically correct detractors are guilty of murder, or at least serving as accessories, and that includes far more than self-righteous supporters of “sanctuary cities”!

Many millions of decent people let themselves get sucked up the poisonous pipes of political correctness. I say to them, “Get out right now!” If the Trump boat is still afloat, it means the political correctness boat is sinking.

So, NBC, Mayor de Blasio, Macy’s: How about you rejoining America and putting the blame and shame where they belong?

You may have beginner’s luck.

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