One of the nation’s leading radio talk-show hosts, Michael Savage of “The Savage Nation,” is throwing his considerable influence behind GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Trump already is surging in the polls and has been acknowledged by another talk-radio icon, Rush Limbaugh, as able to sway the political conversation.

In a response to a WND question Thursday, Savage said, “Yes, I would absolutely support him.”

“The main reason I back him is because he is a successful businessman. None of the candidates on either side has ever run a lemonade stand,” Savage said.

“America needs someone who can negotiate against our enemies financially and militarily,” Savage told WND.

Savage, who holds a doctorate, is the author of 30 books, including “The Savage Nation,” “Stop the Coming Civil War,” “Liberalism in a Mental Disorder,” “The Enemy Within” and “Train Tracks.”

In a recent interview with Trump on his show, the real estate mogul confirmed he is running as a Republican with no plans to “go Perot” and create split the conservative vote by running as an independent.

See Michael Savage’s library of work at the WND Superstore, including “The Savage Nation,” “Stop the Coming Civil War,” “Liberalism in a Mental Disorder,” “The Enemy Within” and “Train Tracks.”

Savage told WND it is Trump’s proven business acumen and ideas that are attractive.

“His idea to build a wall [on the Mexico border] came directly from my book of a few years ago,” Savage said. “I even wrote illegals should be paid to build it and then be repatriated.

“He also has repeated one of my main points from ‘Trickle up Poverty,’ point No. 18: ‘Impose tariffs on China.’ He understands the desperate shape this nation is in owing to the low class of pols running the show for special interests,” he said.

“Finally, the best recommendation for Trump was stated by Jeb, Mitt and Marco – ‘Trump,’ they all bleated, ‘doesn’t represent the Republican brand.’

“‘Brand’? Not party. Not America’s best interests? Of course we all now see the RNC and the DNC are two sides of the same band of lobbyists. I believe Trump would be able to resist these forces of greed.”

Limbaugh pointed out this week that Trump has been able to shift the debate away from himself and to the border and immigration.

“That is undeniable. People are now debating whether or not sanctuary cities are any good or should they be legal, should we have them. Some Democrats are now speaking out against them. Trump is the one who did that. Yesterday, Trump was the issue. The day before that, Trump was the issue. Today the issue is the issue.”

Limbaugh continued: “My only point is that Trump is shifting all these things he’s talking about. Up to now he’s been the issue of, ‘Can you believe he’s saying that? Donald Trump, idiot. Donald Trump, extremist. Donald Trump, racist.’ Now people are talking about what Trump is talking about … That’s not what the left wants, by the way.”

Another prominent voice that has talked Trump is WND commentator and American rock ‘n’ roll icon Ted Nugent.

“His candidacy is a howling Category Five gale force hurricane of great news,” he wrote. “What Americans of all political stripes desperately need is a candidate who hasn’t made a career out of politics.”

He said the “Fedzillacrats” have “slipped a fiscal noose around the necks of future generations of America. The next time you see a beautiful, cooing, little baby, remind yourself that this little baby’s share of the mounting fiscal neck-stretching party is roughly $60,000 and growing.”

He noted that while politicians have ignored illegal immigration problems, Trump “said he would build a giant wall along our southern border and then make Mexico pay for it.”

“That’s tough talk, but I believe Trump will actually walk the walk.”

He continued: “We’ve watched as foreign countries such as China, Iran and Russia laugh at America due to our Humpty Dumpty weak politicians getting out maneuvered time and time again. When Donald Trump walks into a negotiating room, he is a game changer who actually knows something about negotiating and putting winning deals together. He would Trump those international dupes who are working to weaken or destroy America.”

And further, Nugent wrote that Trump “will support the Second Amendment and other American freedoms, not attempt to relegate our unique God-given rights to those of some flea-infested, turd world country.”

“Banning gun-free zones and all politicians who believe more gun control is the answer to the violence that plagues the Democrat-controlled cities … Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis and New Orleans, which have been controlled by gun-banning Democrats for decades,” he wrote.

“Donald Trump believes in rewarding excellence, grit, sacrifice and hard work, not punishing, demeaning and mocking it. Mr. Trump declared the American Dream as dead but said that he could bring it back from the dead. If anyone can do it, he can.”

In a previous interview of Trump by Savage, the now-announced GOP candidate said, “We have to make America great again.”

The current president, Barack Obama, “doesn’t know what he’s doing,” Trump said.

Negotiations, for example, would focus on what’s the best for the U.S., he said.

“When’s the last time you saw a Chevrolet in Tokyo?” he asked, noting he’d tack a 35 percent tax on cars from a factory Ford is planning in Mexico.

“I know what I’m doing. I would not let Mexico get away with it.”

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, who also is a candidate for president, has praised Trump.

According to the Hill, Cruz said: “I salute Donald Trump for focusing on the need to address illegal immigration. I like Donald Trump. He is bold, he is brash.

“He has a colorful way of speaking, and it’s not my way of speaking, but I salute him.”

Listen to Savage’s interview with Trump:

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