Donald Trump is on a roll, and his message is gaining traction with Americans.

His speech Saturday in Phoenix drew so many people that they had to change the venue to accommodate the more than 15,000 who showed up. Still, many stood outside in the sweltering heat. They wanted to hear his message, which he summed up, saying, “We have to take back the heart of our country.”

He also drew a standing-room-only crowd in Las Vegas the same day, with the same message. The core of his focus is illegal immigration into this country from Mexico and the criminal and social problems many of those illegals cause.

It’s amazing how one man speaking blunt, unvarnished truth can cause liberals such anguish!

Donald Trump declared his candidacy for the presidency with all the glitz and pizzazz one would expect of him, but it wasn’t that which got him the attention he now enjoys. Latest polls show him in first place in the GOP nomination race.

What got him the attention were the words he spoke about illegal aliens in this country, the state of our immigration laws, the virtually non-existent border with Mexico and the fact – yes, fact – that illegal aliens are responsible for much crime in this country. He said many illegals are drug dealers and rapists.

What there is left of local talk radio in the San Francisco area reeks of liberals at a loss for how to describe the people who support Donald Trump and what he said about illegal aliens.

The bottom line and easiest insults they can hurl at Trump supporters is that they are ignorant – of course, and most importantly, they’re bigots – naturally.

Essentially, anyone who disagrees with the acceptance of illegal aliens in this country, anyone who disagrees with sanctuary city policies, is a bigot who just hates anyone who is not a white, traditional, patriotic American citizen.

Trump didn’t initially mention sanctuary cities, but days after his first speech, a murder on San Francisco’s tourist waterfront captured the headlines nationally and fueled the anger against illegal aliens, sanctuary cities and crime.

In this horror tale, 32-year-old Kate Steinle was walking with her father along the waterfront and was shot dead.

The shooter was Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, a 45-year-old Mexican citizen, in this country illegally. In fact, Sanchez had been deported five times and kept returning, choosing San Francisco because, he said, the sanctuary city policy made it safer for illegals.

He has a long rap sheet, including at least seven felony and misdemeanor convictions for heroin-related crimes, immigration charges and at least one assault.

He admitted to the shooting but pleaded not guilty. He says the shooting was an accident. He says he found the gun, wrapped in a T-shirt, under a bench. He was quoted as telling a TV reporter that he picked it up and “[I]t started to fire on its own. Suddenly, I heard that ‘boom-boom’ three times.”

One of those “booms” tore through Kate Steinle’s heart, killing her as she begged her father for help.

The tornado of publicity and controversy over the killing gained impetus because of the fact that San Francisco had custody of Sanchez and released him, not notifying ICE federal officials – because of the city’s sanctuary policy.

At this point, city officials and the sheriff’s department are all running for cover, claiming someone else should be blamed for the situation and that no one did anything wrong in handling Sanchez.

An irony in the story is that the gun belonged to a federal agent – so far unnamed – who claims it was stolen from his rental car in San Francisco a few days before the shooting.

Like it or not, the tragedy of Steinle’s death clearly illustrates the words of Donald Trump. The Mexican border is porous, people sneaking across that border are, in fact, illegal aliens – a perfectly correct name for their status – and too often they perpetrate crime and mayhem in this country, their victims being innocent American citizens.

The fact that several hundred cities and towns across this country have designated themselves sanctuary cities means they have taken it upon themselves to ignore federal immigration law. They deliberately do not cooperate with federal immigration officials when dealing with illegal aliens.

On top of that, there are hundreds of churches that also facilitate the protection of illegal aliens in this country.

Critics of Trump conveniently manage to ignore that the federal government allows sanctuary cities to exist yet, at the same time, the administration and the Justice Department harass and prosecute the state of Arizona, which has tried to enforce federal immigration laws to protect its own citizens.

The focus of their harassment has been Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who also has been outspoken about the problems in his county and his state from illegal aliens and their criminal activities. There has been an all-out effort to destroy Arpaio professionally. He’s in the middle of another lawsuit questioning the operations of his department, but the people keep re-electing him, and he keeps doing his job to protect Americans.

Kate Steinle wasn’t the only victim of illegals over the Independence Day weekend. There was also a shooting death in Las Vegas, a knifing murder in New Jersey, a hammer murder in Texas, the bodies of an American couple buried in the Arizona desert by their killer, a mother and child killed in Washington and set afire. Add to that child rape in Florida, a cop murder and guard assault in New Mexico, traffic accidents and much, much more, all over a few days, all perpetrated by illegal aliens.

News like this enrages honest citizens who see Donald Trump as the only candidate in either party with the guts to tell it like it is, to tell the truth.

Americans are sick and tired of lies and cover-ups by politicians who are only driven by votes and not the welfare of the country.

As the Donald said, “We have to take back the heart of our country.”

Play it again, Donald. People are listening!

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