Fact: Iran remains the world’s leading state sponsor of terror.

Fact: Obama’s agreement clearly allows Iran to have nuclear weapons.

The embarrassing, foolhardy, tragic Iran agreement announced earlier Tuesday from Vienna was the dream of Barack Obama going back to his speech in 2009, given within weeks of assuming the presidency.

Vienna, in supreme irony, is the city where Muslim hoards were miraculously defeated from invading Europe with the goal of replacing Western Christendom with Islamic supremacy.

Today, the leading nation representing Western Christendom, the U.S. capitulated to the global aspirations of Shia Islamic supremacy.

From Obama’s perspective, the agreement grandly celebrates his crowning foreign-policy achievement – the revival of Iran as a world power holding terrifyingly real power.

Unlike Americans who prefer a strong America and a secure Israel, Obama prefers to empower Iran economically and militarily.

The agreement does not require Iran to rollback or dismantle its nuclear program. In fact, the opposite is true.

Now Iran will enjoy the active funding of their nuclear ambitions by the international community, at the likely cost of hundreds of billions of dollars.

Whereas the U.S. formerly prevented Iran from gaining nuclear weapons, we will now pay them, in part, to do so.

Formerly, active sanctions were applied to hundreds of individual Iranians.

Apparently, Iran handed the Obama administration a list of 800 names, and now 800 Iranians will no longer be individually sanctioned, including, outrageously, Gen. Solemani, the head of Iran’s Qods Force.

Solemani personally has the blood of thousands of American soldiers fighting in Iraq on his hands.

The agreement lifts those sanctions, including those rightly imposed on America-hating Solemani.

That fact alone should shame any U.S. senator, Democrat or Republican, into voting for a resolution of disapproval in protest against this clownish, embarrassing agreement.

Despite U.S. Gen. Dempsey’s recent warnings to Congress against lifting the Iranian arms embargo, this buffoonish agreement lifts the arms embargo within five years, thus ushering in a Middle East arms and nuclear weapons race.

Days ago, Iran held public demonstrations, with participants shouting, death to America, death to Israel.

On Monday, on the eve of the agreement’s announcement, a phony Iranian court fined the U.S. $50 billion dollars for “mistreatment of Iran.”

One has to wonder why Obama has now given Iran the means to collect on the court’s judgment.

The Iranian Central Bank will no longer be sanctioned.

The Iranian National Oil Company will no longer be sanctioned.

World oil prices dropped $1/gallon Tuesday, based on assumptions of Iran’s presumed increased oil output.

The agreement allows Iran to have ballistic missiles, the delivery mechanism for nuclear bombs, within 8 years. (Note to Obama: Iran illicitly produced an ICBM this year.)

After 10 years, it will be legal for Iran to have all the nuclear weapons, enriched uranium, plutonium and ballistic weapons they want. That’s before your newborn reaches the fourth grade. And that is the BEST case scenario assuming Iran would comply with the agreement, when history records they have broken nearly every U.N. resolution for the past two decades.

The agreement contains no anytime/anywhere inspections of Iranian nuclear activity by the U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The IAEA will be forced to ask Iran for permission to inspect a site (this isn’t made up).

After Iran says no, a 24-day appeal process begins.

The IAEA will ask a committee for permission to inspect, with Iran holding a seat on the committee.

I think we know the answer.

Iran does not have to come clean on the history of its nuclear program.

Without the history, there will be no baseline for the IAEA to judge whether Iran is meeting the terms of the agreement – so the cake for noncompliance is baked into the agreement.

The agreement furthers Iran’s goal of pushing the U.S. out of the Middle East/Persian Gulf. Quickly, Iran will develop anti-ship ballistic missiles for use against unwanted American and ally military vessels located in the Gulf waters.

One of Iran’s long-known goals is to control distribution of Persian oil and gas, which this agreement makes more likely.

And with that, the capitulation of Western Christendom to the military/economic/Islamic goals of the Shia mullah supremacists is done.

Or is it?

Our times are in His hands. (Psalms 2)

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