It appears Al Jazeera has produced a July 4 video “tribute” showing Americans as fat, gun-toting, pill-popping, porno-watching racists. Guilty as charged on at least a couple of these counts!

But, if memory serves me correctly, the last constructive thing the Arabs have done was introduce the concept of ZERO in mathematics centuries ago. And they have been stuck on that concept ever since.

Can anyone remember the last time any notable positive event originated from an Arab country? Who helps in disasters? Who discovers new medicines? Who invents things to benefit mankind? Who sends financial and medical aid to the needy and afflicted?

Besides spending fortunes on fancy cars and palaces for the few “leaders,” abusing women and children, and starting and losing wars with Israel and then crying to the U.N. with their hands out, what have the Arabs really done?

If I were an Arab man, I would be deeply ashamed. No amount of violent overcompensation by the likes of ISIS or the Taliban can make up for being a big ZERO for centuries in most of the ways that really count.


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