Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz

Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz

TEL AVIV — Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz reacted with skepticism Tuesday to the nuclear deal reached between Iran and six world powers, including the U.S.

The liberal lawyer urged Congress to “examine the details with great care to see whether it is indeed a roll of the dice, as the New York Times called it this morning.”

“The last time we rolled the dice with North Korea , they came up snake eyes and North Korea now has a nuclear arsenal,” Dershowitz told WND. “The world can’t afford the risk of another dice roll.”

Dershowitz was referring to a New York Times news article by reporter David E. Sanger titled, “Bet for Obama on Iran Nuclear Deal May Take Years to Pay Off.”

In the piece, written from Vienna, Sanger noted the world will not know whether the nuclear agreement actually worked until long after Obama vacates the White House.

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“Mr. Obama will be long out of office before any reasonable assessment can be made as to whether that roll of the dice paid off,” reported Sanger. “The best guess today, even among the most passionate supporters of the president’s Iran project, is that the judgment will be mixed.”

The nuclear deal reached between Iran and six world powers will be reviewed by Congress. If lawmakers vote against the nuclear agreement, Obama would almost definitely veto the resolution, turning it back over to the House and Senate, which would each need a two-thirds majority to override his veto.

Legislation passed in May grants Congress 60 days for public debate and hearings by up to eight Senate and House committees before the nuclear pact comes to a vote, possibly by a joint resolution to approve or reject the nuclear deal.

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