A member of the New Black Panther Huey P. Newton Gun Club leads a protest outside the Waller County Sheriff’s Office in Texas on Wednesday.

A group of New Black Panther Party members bearing arms marched on to a jail in Waller County, Texas, calling for death to “the pigs” and affirming “the revolution” has begun.

Breitbart reported the group of about 15 armed protesters chanted, “The revolution is on … off the pigs,” and yelled, “Oink, oink! Bang, bang!”

The New Black Panther Party members were met on the outskirts of the facility by a force of Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputies, out of Houston. Some of the 75 or so deputies were on horses, some in crowd-control and riot gear, Breitbart reported.

The New Black Panthers, meanwhile, took to the streets in front of the jail to rail against the community and shout, “Whose streets? Our streets.” As Breitbart found, some bore AR-15 style weapons; others, shotguns; still others, hunting rifles.

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Among their chants, Breitbart reported: “The revolution is on,” “Off the pigs,” “Time to pick up the gun,” “No more pigs in my community,” “No more brothers in jail,” “No more sisters in jail,” “The pigs are going to get scared,” and finally, “The pigs are going to get dead.”

Protest leaders also chanted against Planned Parenthood, saying in a speech: “We’re so stupid we are killing ourselves,” while referencing the abortion rate in the black communities.

The situation turned tense at times, but nothing violent occurred and nobody was arrested, Breitbart reported.

“We came here to maintain the peace,” said Harris County Sheriff’s Office Majory Darryl Colemen, to Breitbart Texas. “Our job was to protect the law abiding protesters, the Waller County deputies and Waller County property. It looks like we did our jobs well.”

The protest movement started partly because of the jailhouse death of Sandra Bland, a black woman who was arrested after a confrontation with a white law enforcement officer during a recent traffic stop.

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