"His Life Matters' photo goes viral.

“His Life Matters’ photo goes viral.

Two Texas police officers – one white, one black – have sparked a social-media wave over a photograph they posted of their outstretched palms with the words “His Life Matters,” and arrows in black pen pointing toward one another.

And on “Fox & Friends” on Thursday, the humble-sounding duo explained they were inspired to act after watching with alarm the news around the nation of police-community relations, and wanting to do something to ease the tensions.

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“We thought it’d send a good message,” said Trinity Police Chief Steven Jones, during the broadcast. “He’s a black officer, I’m a white officer … We see things [in the news], we talk about our aggravation with things … [and we thought] what can we do to make sure our citizens are happy?”

So they came up with the photograph idea, never guessing it would shake the national media.

“We had no idea it’d go national,” said officer Donald Givens.

The photo was originally sent out in a tweet from the east Texas Police Department, above this text: “@TRINITYPOLICE #AllLivesMatter #ChiefJones #BigSexy #PoliceStrong.”

But it has gained massive momentum, due in large part to its posting on Facebook by the American Conservatives of Color, WSB-TV reported.

Givens, meanwhile, said the goal of the post was to bring people together, no matter their ethnic backgrounds.

“[Color] doesn’t matter,” he said, on “Fox & Friends.” “If you live Christian values, have Christian values, live morally … hopefully we can come together as a nation and go forward.”

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