Dinesh D'Souza

Dinesh D’Souza

Dinesh D’Souza, conservative author, movie-maker, columnist and pundit, took to Twitter to do some trolling on left-leaning pages and post some counter-views on the widely reported shooting deaths of two white television crew members by a black man – even suggesting President Obama better stand on the side of blind justice, not race-based politics.

In reference to Vester Flanagan, the black former television journalist whose on-air name was Bryce Williams, D’Souza tweeted: “When a black gay guy goes nuts and kills white people, is it safe to call it a DOUBLE hate crime?”

Love him or hate him, Dinesh D’Souza is already an American legend, and you can get his bestselling films and books direct from WND!

Flanagan, prior to killing himself, was believed to have shot and killed journalist Alison Parker and her cameraman, Adam Ward. Someone named Bryce Williams posted video of the shooting on Facebook, along with comments that touted the killing, including this one: “I filmed the shooting.”

ABC News, meanwhile, reported receipt of a 23-page document two hours after the shooting from someone who identified as Bryce Williams, who claimed the South Carolina church shootings had sent him over the edge. Those documents as well as other statements and messages from Flanagan paint the picture of a man who actively sought out defendants to sue over perceived racist slights, and who was often angry at white colleagues. During the course of disseminating Flanagan’s statements and reviewing his background, it was also discovered he was a homosexual.

It was those politically incorrect themes D’Souza exposed and exploited on Twitter.

“Let’s hope that Obama expresses sympathy for the white victims of the #VirginiaShooting & not for the gay black shooter,” he tweeted, Mediaite found.

Another read: “Please, Obama, don’t tell us the poor #VirginiaShooter didn’t get his ‘fair share’ of reporting assignments.”

And another: “DEPT OF SINGLE STANDARDS: Hey after the $VirginiaShooting is it time to take down those rainbow flags we see all over the place?”

Yet one more: ‘LESSON OF THE VIRGINIA SHOOTING: #WhiteLivesMatterToo.”

And a last: “I predict our mainstream media will be VERY SLOW to report that the #VirginiaShooter was reprimanded for wearing an Obama badge on the job.”

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